Recently, a Twitter troll took a swipe at Zendaya, Jennifer Connelly, and so-called “zoomers” in one fell swoop.

Ex-Disney child star Zendaya who has served a number of iconic looks on red carpets and Connelly, who last starred in Top Gun Maverick have been the target of hate from a Twitter user.

Twitter user bashes Zendaya

A Twitter user who goes by @CristusVictor paired an image of a young Connelly with a makeup-free Zendaya. They also went on a rant about how women from the 90s were more attractive than Gen Z-touted celebs.

The troll wrote,

“Any zoomer who thinks right pic is above average attractive doesn’t understand that in the 90s, A ‘7’ looked like left pic,”

The hater continued.

“‘Above average’ meant something else back then. There’d be like ten girls as or more beautiful than Connelly working at every chain restaurant.”

The post soon went viral and sparked a fiery debate online with protestors arguing in favor of both women.

Twitter argues over Hollywood actresses

One user responded to the post saying,

“Jennifer Connelly was a dream girl in the 90s and she’s still a dream girl to much of the same people today. Zendaya will follow a similar path, I’m sure.I don’t understand this need to compare and contrast two entirely different people. Life is not a competition.”

Another user was quick to bash @CristusVictor saying,

“You took a pic of a woman with heavy makeup, her hair done and CLEARLY posing, and compared it to an off-guard, no makeup, messy hair pic. You’re definitely trying too hard to prove ur weak point buddy.”

A third user wrote,

“Dude Jennifer Connelly has always been a 10 what are you talking about,”

While there were several bashing the Twitter user for their post, there were several others who sided with them.


One user wrote,

“The combined number for these two is…generously, an 8.”

A second critic wrote,

“Truth. I look back on my HS yearbook and half my graduating class in the mid 90s would have been considered ‘hot’ now. Almost universally slim, smiling faces, unjaded, not a trace of SSRI-tainted eyes. It was good, man.”

The original poster of the tweet later muted the post saying,

“Muting thread now. Have a blessed Saturday.”

Jennifer Connelly trending on Twitter

Jennifer Connelly in Top Gun

Jennifer Connelly has been trending on Twitter recently. The 52-year-old said that she expects her co-actor Tom Cruise to get a 95th Academy Awards nomination for his performance in Top Gun Maverick.

Connelly told Variety in an interview,

“He’s extraordinary. I think he does an amazing job in the movie. He’s extraordinary as a person and fantastic as an actor, and I think that he is just…perfect. I think that he embodies that character so beautifully… I think he absolutely deserves it,”

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Source: Yahoo