Here’s a scientific study that will make you feel good about your small breasts.

Get ready for sniffles, coughs, and endless sneezes.

But not all colds are created equal.

Yes, apparently women’s boob sizes can actually have an effect on how bad their experience with colds are.

To come to this conclusion, researchers quizzed 163 young, non-pregnant, Caucasian women about their health over the last three years.

Women with bigger breasts were also found to be up to 56 times more likely to turn to antibiotics to deal with their colds.

But what exactly does breast size have to do with the common cold?

Well, one theory posed by researchers suggests that the fatty tissue in women’s breasts could weaken their immune systems, making it harder for them to recover from infections.

The hormone leptin, which is produced in that fatty tissue, could very well be the culprit.

So what can we all take away from this study?

Sorry, ladies.