Currently, we are all going through tough times amid coronavirus lockdown. However, we all are staying indoors, but at the same time, we are also bound to work from home. And, during this time, it becomes a tedious task to deal with the pets along with working from home.

One big problem is whenever you are around them, they want to spend more time with you. And thus, they end up bombing your business meetings. And Rochelle Andonian has been going through a similar problem. Whenever she was working from home in her home office, her two cute retrievers barged in and put tennis balls on her laps. Also, they laid down their faces on her work table. This made working from home, difficult for her.

Salty and Bling watching mom working from home

Another problem she faced was when Salty and Bling started barking. Even, her colleagues used to count the time till when both of the dogs remain shut. Also, the barking of dogs didn’t let her concentrate on work. But, looks like Andonian has found a solution to her problem.

Andonia presents new ground rules to her dogs while working from home

She has laid down the new ground rules for the two cute pups. And while she presented the new rules to them, both of them paid attention to them very carefully. One of the rules was MOM ON PHONE=NO BARK! And finally, Andonian has been able to switch to working from home easily now. Thus, we would recommend you also try this hack to work with ease from home. Believe us, this trick would definitely help you a lot.