Nature is incredible, and today you will get a proof of it. We are here to share with you a discovery of the nature done by a woman that she recently shared on the Internet. 

Margaret Neville, a woman living in South Africa discovered something beautiful and fascinating in her back garden in September. In her lavender bushes was a flower mantis resting on them. It is a type of praying mantis which evolved, and now, appears to be incredibly ‘floral’ as a method of camouflage.

The mantis that you can see in the image is particularly a female with protrusions that look like lavender buds along her legs and a swirl pattern on her back. Astonished by her beauty, Neville named the mantis “Miss Frilly Pants” in reference to her purple “pantaloons.” “Nature is there for us all to share,” Neville tells Hiptoro. Now, Miss Frilly Pants have many admirers on the Internet.

Meet Miss Frilly Pants!

There are several other mantis that you would find in the jungles. On similar mantis like this one is the orchid praying mantis. It has orchid petal-like feet. The female is bigger than the male orchid praying mantis, and wait for other insects to get attracted to them.