Dogs are always ready to fill our lives with joy and love no matter whether they are a little puppy or are too old. So, at least, it becomes our duty to provide them with something helpful when they are in their golden years. 

When dogs get old, they also face difficulty in climbing the stairs. And Sonya Karimi has understood this thing very clearly. That’s why she has decided to build a stairlift for her cuties. She is 31 and she lives in Louisiana, U.S. 

Scroll down to see what she has made for her dogs.

Her dogs are Bodhi and Sam, both are 10 years old. And the third dog is George who is 13 years old.

Using some of the metal parts, her amazing construction skills, and woods, Karimi has built this masterpiece. The base of the stairlift is fixed on the steps and it goes from the top to the bottom. 

Scroll down to see the amazing pictures and videos.


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