Will Wolf Pack be Renewed for Season 2?


Wolf Pack, a supernatural series based on the book of the same name by Edo van Belkom, premiered on Paramount+ featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar. The series follows the lives of a couple of teenagers who encounter a supernatural creature after a wildfire. With the first season completed, fans wonder whether there will be a season 2.

The Critic’s Response

Throughout the season, critics had mixed reviews about the show. While some appreciated the storyline, they felt it struggled with balancing different stories and playing too safe in the genre. Also, the subpar CGI was a significant setback. However, despite the mixed reactions, fans enjoyed the show, especially Sarah Michelle Gellar’s performance.

Renewed or Canceled Status

Paramount+ has not confirmed whether Wolf Pack will be renewed for a second season. Streaming platforms often wait to see a show’s performance before deciding. The series has a low 40% Rotten Tomatoes critic score but a high 82% audience score, which could influence the decision to renew.

The storyline for Season 2

The Wolf Pack series consists of four books: Wolf Pack, Lone Wolf, Cry Wolf, and Wolf Man. The second book continues the story of the four teens adapting to everyday life while trying to keep their secret. The book’s synopsis suggests that the pack faces new challenges, such as a high school nemesis and corporate interests threatening to destroy their home. It also explores the violent origins of the group, leading to a member choosing between the pack’s blood bond and the call of the wild.

Possibility of Season 2

Considering that the second season’s script is already written based on the book series and the show’s characters’ popularity, a season 2 is possible. If Paramount+ renews the show, fans can expect to see more of their favorite characters’ adventures. Currently, only one season of Wolf Pack is available on Paramount+, but with the audience growing, the streaming service may commit to more than two seasons.


In conclusion, fans of Wolf Pack will have to wait for an official announcement from Paramount+ regarding the show’s renewal for season 2. However, with the high audience score and the popularity of the characters, the possibility of a second season is not far-fetched.