The world is surely developing and we are getting to see new and innovative technologies each day. But are we happy? In one go, anyone would say that he is happy. But when you think deeper, you will understand that none of us are that happy. 

Oh, no. We don’t mean to dishearten you by saying this. All we want to tell you is about Piraha people who are considered the happiest people in the world. We know that’s a big claim. But guess what? It is true. 

These people live in the depth of the Brazilian jungles and they have no idea what stress is. Even a missionary came to tell them more about life. But in the end, it was these people who taught him how to be happy. 

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The culture of these people can be explained in the simplest way “Live in the here and now.These people only talk in the present tense because it is the present that matters the most. 

Piraha thinks that sleeping is harmful. These people believe that if a person sleeps for a longer time, he would become someone else. The short sleeping period is also believed to be followed because the area where these people live has a lot of snakes. So, no one sleeps for more than 2 hours at the night. 

The population of these people is nearly 800 and they don’t understand the anger. “If Haaiohaaa dropped the fish in the water, it is bad — no fish, no dinner. But surely it is not Haaiohaaa’s fault. Haaiohaaa simply dropped the fish into the water,” they might think.

Piraha people also don’t know what being guilty is about. Like if a husband has dumped his wife because she is no longer attractive, no one would feel guilty. All she would say is “It happened because it happened, that’s it. It means it’s time to look for another man.”

Piraha people can’t count but they understand words like several and many. So, if you would ask a mother how many children does she have? She would say many but could not tell the exact number.

These people also don’t understand modern civilization. All they think is how can anyone sleep for 8 hours and more? Also, this culture does not have any religion or understanding of God. 

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