“Animal Kingdom”, a gripping television drama that kept audiences on the edge of their seats for six seasons, ended with a bang in its sixth season. Based on David Michôd’s 2010 Australian film, the series has been a rollercoaster of crime, drama, and family ties.

A Quick Look Back

Why the 'Animal Kingdom' Series Finale Leaves Fans Wanting More: What's Next for the Cody Family
Animal Kingdom

Debuting on TNT on June 14, 2016, “Animal Kingdom” has taken its audience on a thrilling ride through the criminal endeavors of the infamous Cody crime family from Oceanside, California. The first season introduced us to the intense dynamics of the family, from the matriarch Smurf, played by the formidable Ellen Barkin, to the newest member, J, who is thrust into the family’s underworld activities after the passing of his mother.

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Through theft, armed robbery, protection rackets, and drug trafficking, the series showcased the family’s attempts to retain their dominance in the Southern California criminal scene. J’s internal conflict – torn between his biological roots and his newfound family – was a recurring theme that added depth to the narrative.

Season 6: A Grand Farewell

Premiering on June 19, 2022, the sixth season of “Animal Kingdom” came with its own share of surprises. The Cody brothers came to a realization – escaping the past was an impossible task. An investigation into an old case unraveled shocking events, putting the entire family in jeopardy.

“In the final season of TNT’s family criminal drama ‘Animal Kingdom,’ the Cody brothers realize they cannot escape their past. A cold case investigation triggers a series of events putting the entire family in jeopardy. A buildup of vengeance, betrayal, and confrontation with long-forgotten violence concludes dramatically.”

Is There a Season 7 on the Horizon?

The simple answer? No. Despite the passionate fanbase and the immense popularity of the show, the sixth season marked the end of the Cody family’s saga.

“We hope it will be remembered as an adrenaline-filled, entertaining show, but also a dark family drama about intergenerational trauma and the bond between brothers.”

However, for those who are holding out hope or are curious about any continuation, the “Animal Kingdom” Season 7 trailer and updates can still be found on the show’s official website and on various online platforms, including YouTube.

Why the 'Animal Kingdom' Series Finale Leaves Fans Wanting More: What's Next for the Cody Family
Animal Kingdom

The Legacy Lives On

Although the Cody family’s journey has concluded, the impact of “Animal Kingdom” lingers. The series set a precedent with its narrative, direction, acting prowess (with commendable performances by Barkin and Cole), and captivating soundtrack.

So, as we bid adieu to the Codys and their tumultuous world, one thing’s for certain – “Animal Kingdom” will remain etched in the annals of television drama for its thrilling, dramatic, and emotional portrayal of crime and family.