Many people are pushing for the return of Song of the South. It was based on Uncle Remus’s stories about the ingenious bunny Brer Rabbit using live-action and animation. Following the separation of his parents, a young boy goes to live in the American South. There he meets Uncle Remus, who gives the boy valuable insights into his problems via the stories he tells about Brer Rabbit. It was released in 1946. Now, Disney’s fan-favorite Whoopi Goldberg is also pushing for its return.

Goldberg says, “I’m trying to find a way to get people to have conversations about bringing ‘Song of the South’  back so we can talk about what it was, and where it came from, and why it came out. I want people to start putting the crows in the merchandising, because those crows sing the song in ‘Dumbo’ that everyone remembers. So, I want to highlight all the little stuff people maybe missing in the movie.”

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Whoopi Goldberg wants ‘Song of the South’ to make a comeback

Disney animator Floyd Norman has also emphasized the importance of the movie. Norman says, “I have argued with Disney executives and Disney attorneys about Song of the South. I call them out on it … They’re just wimping out. I don’t think I’ve been a real thorn in Disney‘s side, it’s just that whenever there was time to speak up for the film I became sort of the film‘s advocate because I knew enough about it, maybe more so than most.”

Norman even mentions the questionable dialect in the movie. He continues, “We’ve written stories at Disney that have taken place in the south where we’ve given white characters a southern accent because that’s the accent they would have … That’s the way they talk. We’re not mocking them, we’re just trying to keep our story as authentic as possible. Disney was taking a good-natured poke at the culture in America’s south.”

‘Song of the South’ inspired a Disney ride

Moreover, the live-action/animated musical drama film also inspired a Disney ride – the Splash Mountain. It had been operating since 1992. However, the ride was shut down on January 23, 2023. The cast members were the last people to be on the ride. Many people have questioned the closure of the ride and expressed their disappointment with this development.

One user said:

I hope they’re not getting rid of the entire ride? Just redoing the theme right? Makes sense as to why! And is this Disney world as well or just CA?

Another user wrote:

As it should be, all the guests waiting awkwardly and gunning to be last, yet it’s always the CM’s. Well deserved and such a cool sight to see.
One more user writes:
just goes the show that the cast members liked the ride so much as we missed this incredible ride after all these years.
Another user said:
I love that everyone has different reactions. The first girl is crying and I get it
One user says:
One of my favourites and a true nostalgia trip everytime I rode. Will be missed
A user quips:
Love this! All those people hanging back wanting to be last and the CM’s got the ultimate pleasure they deserved this