Seargeoh Stallone is the second born to Hollywood icon Sylvester Stallone and his first wife Sasha Czack. While Sly is well-known around the world for his iconic roles in the Rocky franchise, there isn’t much information available about his kids with his first wife, Sasha.

Today, we’re going to tell you all we know about the Rocky actor’s son and his life.

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Seargeoh Stallone, Sylvester Stallone

Who is Seargeoh Stallone?

Seargeoh Stallone, who is now 44 years old, was born in 1979 to Sylvester Stallone and his first wife Sasha Czack. His upbringing was strong in Christian belief since his parents both followed the Catholic religion. He was brought up alongside his elder brother, Sage Moonblood Stallone, who sadly passed away in 2012 from a heart condition. His ancestry is comprised of Jewish, Italian, Caucasian, and French descent.

He has three half-sisters, Sophia Rose, Sistine Rose, and Scarlet Rose, from his father’s relationship with estranged wife Jennifer Flavin, as well as two nephews, Frank and Dante. However, at the tender age of three, Seargeoh Stallone was diagnosed with autism and has faced many difficulties ever since.

His parents started to observe their son’s deficiency in communication and socialization which was out of the ordinary for kids his age. This was a huge worry for both Stallone and Sasha, so they did whatever they could to find a remedy. They got help from the National Society for Children and Adults with Autism and established a research fund to locate a proper and long-term answer to the disability.

In spite of all their hard work, Seargeoh Stallone did not make a full recovery. 1985 was an especially difficult year for the Stallone family, as his parents got divorced and his father married Brigitte Nielsen. His mother took on the majority of his care, and Seargeoh began therapy that lasted for years. At long last, he was accepted to a special school for learning disabilities in Pasadena, California.

His father, Sylvester Stallone, is renowned internationally for his role as Rambo. His mother, Sasha Czack, is also connected to the entertainment business and is well-known for her parts in Long Lost Love, Vic, and Love of Life.

Sylvester Stallone, Sasha Czack

Seargeoh Stallone Career

Despite his father’s and older brother’s success in the business, Seargeoh Stallone was unable to make his mark in the industry. Nonetheless, he made a brief appearance in 1979 in the sports drama Rocky II, playing the role of Rocky Balboa Jr., the infant son of Rocky Balboa (starring his dad) and Adriane Balboa.

Sylvester Stallone served as director for the movie, with Robert Chertoff and Irwin Winkler as producers. In 1982, all four members of the Stallone family were featured together on the front of a magazine. Since then, Seargeoh Stallone has not made any more public appearances or acted in a film.

Currently, he is living with his family in La Quinta, though it is uncertain if he is with his mother or not. His private life remains a mystery, with no reports of where he is or who he is dating.

Seargeoh Stallone’s Siblings

Seargeoh Stallone had one elder brother, Sage Stallone, and currently has three half-sisters from his father’s relationship with Jennifer Flavin.

Sage Stallone

Sage Stallone, the elder brother of Seargeoh, was an incredibly famous actor, producer, and film director in the entertainment industry. He also co-created ‘Grindhouse Releasing,’ a company focused on conserving and restoring B movies and exploitation films.

Sage Stallone

In addition to this, Sage Stallone had parts in other films such as Rocky V, Daylight, American Hero, Reflections of Evil, Chaos, Oliviero Rising, and Promises Written in Water.

Due to Sage’s incredible success as a producer, he was granted the chance to direct The Agent and the short film Vic during the course of his career. As a reward for his outstanding work, he was presented with the ‘Best New Filmmaker’ award at the 2006 Boston Film Festival.

It was a sad day when Sage Stallone, the gifted son of Sylvester Stallone, passed away on July 13, 2012, aged 36. It was revealed that his death was due to coronary artery disease.

Sophia Rose Stallone

Sophie, just like her elder sibling, has made it big in the show business. She is a renowned model and fashion mogul, and in 2017 was also awarded the “Miss Golden Globe” title. She was born on August 27, 1996. Ever since her childhood days, she has been determined to become a model rather than an actress. She put enormous effort into her work and ultimately achieved success when she was featured on the cover of Harper’s Bazar magazine.

Sylvester Stallone daughters

Sistine Rose Stallone

Sistine followed in her sister’s path by entering the world of fashion at a young age. She is now represented by IMG Models and has the opportunity to collaborate with the top names in the industry. She has even been featured on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, just like her sister, Sophia.

Scarlet Rose Stallone

Despite not having officially begun her career, she has already attracted much public attention due to her captivating character and celebrity family. Moreover, she has acquired a substantial following on Twitter and Instagram, as well as a significant subscriber base to her YouTube channel.