Vine-famed Welven Da Great, who is also known as the Deez Nuts Guy, has become a social media sensation in recent years. After becoming popular on YouTube, Welven Da Great earned himself a nickname. He is well-known for popularizing the “Deez Nuts” meme and the saying is now a viral joke that results in the answer “Deez Nuts” when asked a question.

However, there have been whispers about the Deez Nuts Guy’s health concerns. The social media public has been speculating that Welven might be unwell or dead after a video surfaced on the internet where he was seen lying unconscious on the floor.

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Welven Da Great

What Happened To Deez Nuts Guy?

During his younger years, Welven Harris was known for his quirky antics and had a hard time finding acceptance because of his mental illness. But, through his commitment, unwavering determination, and with the help of his amazing family, he eventually achieved great success.

All his relatives were sure to show him the affection and consideration he was entitled to. When Welven posted a prank video entitled “Deez Nuts” to YouTube, it became a sensation within a few days, leaving people totally taken aback. At that point, he was merely 17 years old and is now renowned for having created one of the most iconic jokes in the history of the internet.

Recently, an online video has sparked concern among users on the web. It showed Welven Da Great lying on the ground in an unconscious state, surrounded by citizens of Los Angeles. Due to his weakened condition, people have been discussing his whereabouts on social media.

On Aug 20, 2023, Raphouse TV shared video footage on X (Twitter) with the words,

“The guy from the Deez Nuts meme was seen in Hollywood and appeared to be unconscious.”

The video caused concerns among netizens and fans on the social media platform. The speculation about Deez Nuts guy’s situation had Twitter users sending out tweets, resulting in a split in opinion among the social media network. While some showed concerns, others were calling Welven out for being a drug addict.

One user wrote, “He’s always there… cracked on fentanyl. Everyone think fame = wealth”

Another added, “So y’all just sit around him and record, yeah society is doomed.”

Welven Da Great, Deez Nuts

Is Welven Da Great Dead?

Rumors that Deez Nuts Guy had passed away have been rampant on social media, yet he has been active recently. However, there is no evidence to support these claims.

Many people have been duped by the hoax, with celebrities posting messages of grief for Welven Da Great. Some people think he may have been under the influence of drugs, yet these rumors of his death remain unsupported.

Welven Da Great dead

Several websites have published news of his demise and many YouTubers have left ‘RIP’ comments on his original YouTube video. However, with no proof of his passing, Welven Harris put all the speculation to rest by posting a simple update to assure everyone he was doing fine.

The Deez Nuts Guy and his cousin also made an appearance on live television to prove that he was in good health. He stated that he was alive and healthy, while his cousin asked for privacy and to be left alone.