My Hero Academia 4 has become the hottest topic of discussion on social media ever since a prominent Twitter handle associated with this series announced that the fourth movie of this extremely popular franchise has been confirmed officially.

Social media has been buzzing with discussions about the upcoming movie. Will the storyline include elements from season 6 of the anime series? Which studio is going to produce the movie? Well, if you have all these questions, then read on as we provide you with all the available information about My Hero Academia 4.

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My Hero Academia 4 Preview and Spoilers
It is very likely that the movie will arrive by the end of 2024 

My Hero Academia 4 Preview and Spoilers

As of now, no spoilers for the movie have been revealed online. But it is likely that the storyline will focus on Dark Deju. The previous movies have covered events up to season 6. So the upcoming movie will give us a glimpse into the war and destroyed society that unfolds after season 6.

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Which studio will be producing My Hero Academia 4?

Studio Bone and Toho Animation have been handed the responsibility to work on the fourth movie. Both have already been associated with the previous seasons and movies of My Hero Academia, so the expectations of fans are already quite high. Kohei Horikoshi will be penning down the script for the movie. And he recently revealed that the work on the movie has begun and it will be released soon.

My Hero Academia 4 Voice Cast

The voice actors for the main characters will remain the same for the upcoming movie.

My Hero Academia 4 Voice Cast

My Hero Academia 4 Release Date and Watch Online

There’s no official release date available for the movie. But it is very likely that the movie will arrive by the end of 2024. The movie will be available to watch online on Crunchyroll and other platforms within 1 to 2 months of the original premiere.

The third movie debuted in theatres in Japan in August 2021 and was then released online in October 2021. So the gap will not be very significant for the online release of the movie, and it should arrive on Crunchyroll by early 2025.