So today we are diving into a mind-blowing science class where facts sound too crazy to be true. And thanks to Redditor analyze times, who asked “What is a scientific fact that absolutely blows your mind?” on the Ask Reddit community, we have a whole lot to uncover. From a Voyager that has been traveling >30,000 mph for 43 years and is only 20 light-hours away to our brains simultaneously creating stories and being genuinely shocked by plot twists as we dream, these are some of the best ones to mess with our brains.

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When you dream, one portion of your brain creates the story, while another part witnesses the events and is really shocked by the plot twists.




The time period in which dinosaurs lived is so vast, there were dinosaur fossils when dinosaurs were still alive.



Hippos sweat sunscreen. They produce “sweat” made of one red and one orange pigment. The red pigment contains an antibiotic, while the orange absorbs UV rays.


Some forms of anesthesia don’t numb you to pain- they make you forget that you felt it.


The knowledge that the atoms of our bodies contain elements only forged in the center of stars, and that such stars upon death blow the elements via supernova across the universe and into our very existence. We are made of stardust.


I recently read about the Split-Brain experiments. There is a procedure for severe epilepsy that involves cutting the connecting nerves of the two brain hemispheres, resulting in the two hemispheres being unable to communicate with each other. The experiment shows that both halves can answer questions independently of each other, have separate opinions/preferences, form memories independently. Basically suggesting that there are two minds in the brain. That just blows my mind(s).



That there is a species of jellyfish called Turritopsis dohrnii, that can become young again when damaged or stressed. So they become young again. So they are immortal. Just an addition, the tardigrades. They can survive the vacuum of space.


If the entirety of the Earth’s history were compressed down to a single day, humans of any sort wouldn’t appear until the last second before midnight.



The size of animals still blows my mind. You can read about how a manta ray is 23 feet long and 3 tons but it doesn’t really hit you until you realize that’s heavier than most cars.


When you lose weight it leaves on your breath.

So when people lose 100 lbs/ 50 kg, they have exhaled that much carbon.


An object has every color except the one you think it has because it’s the only color that doesn’t get absorbed.




If you put 1 of every animal in a bag and then pick one out you have a 1/5 chance of picking a beetle.


Voyager 1 has been traveling >30,000 mph for 43 years and it’s only 20 light-hours away.


There are some Ice Age animals that are so perfectly preserved in permafrost that scientists have been able to find them still with all their soft tissue, hair, and organs. They even found a couple of mammoths that still had liquid blood in them and I remember one scientist even tasting the mammoth meat.



Exponential power.

Fold a “big sheet” of paper – that is 0.1 mm thick – 50 times and the height of the stack is over 20 times the distance from the earth to the moon. Thank you.



There are no photos of the present.


Dinosaurs lived on the other side of the galaxy from where we are now.


Slime molds don’t have brains or nervous systems but somehow retain information and use it to make decisions. Even more crazy is that they can fuse with another individual and share the information.



You can fit all the planets (Pluto included) between the Earth & Moon.



The astronauts on the ISS aren’t floating around because of the lack of gravity, far from it. They are in constant free fall, falling over the horizon of the earth. Being pulled by gravity towards the earth.




If all the DNA in the average person was stretched out in a single line, it could reach from Earth to the Sun and back 248 times.


With the help of quantum tunneling, there is a 1 in 5.2^61 chance that the molecules in your hand and table would miss each other when slamming it, making your hand go through the table.

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