Kid Rock was reportedly filled with a lot of Christmas spirit. The singer did an unbelievable feat by paying off the layaway balances of many families in the city Nashville.

Source: foxnews

The store, Dickerson Pike Walmart said that the singer had brought incredible joy to around 350 families residing in Nashville. After being inspired by filmmaker and actor Terry Perry, who also has paid off over $430,000 at the Atlanta Walmart in the layaways.


Kid Rock has written the greatest ideal to Terry Perry on Twitter. In the tweeted Kid Rock also conveyed the message that he has reportedly followed Perry’s lead and has even paid off some of the layaways at his local Walmart located in Nashville. And wished God Bless you and Merry Christmas.

Source: cnbc

It is not the celebrities who have spreading acts of kindness in the holiday spirit. In a recent few weeks good Samaritans have reportedly been paying off the layaway items in four of the Walmart stores located in different segments of the country and the total summed up money is around $130,000.


Recently an enigmatic Santa also reportedly featured in the Derby of a Walmart in Vermont the previous month and had paid for the purchases of almost everyone in the store along with the charges on layaways.

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