Outraged viewers have demanded that comedian Whoopi Goldberg be fired after she cheered Tucker Carlson’s firing from Fox News, according to RadarOnline.com.

The View’s contentious cohost is no stranger to detractors; however, after her on-air behavior Monday, viewers had had enough — and didn’t hold back when it came to ensuring sure ABC heard their demands that Whoopi Goldberg be removed from the show.

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When news broke that Carlson had been fired from the conservative network, Whoopi Goldberg rejoiced.

“Word has just come down that Fox News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways,” Whoopi Goldberg told the studio audience.

After reading a portion of the network’s statement, Whoopi Goldberg stood up and motioned for the audience and her cohosts to do the “wave.”

While the audience applauded and The View ladies laughed as they joined her, home viewers were outraged. Critics went to social media to demand Goldberg’s ouster from the daytime talk program, insulting the veteran cohost.

“Just saw Whoopi Goldberg celebrate Tucker’s leaving FMC. Inside, Whoopi is an ugly, despicable, sub human,” posted one disappointed viewer on Twitter.

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Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg

Others joined in, urging The View’s parent company to take action.

“@ABC Hey — This is good. @Fox is being responsible by firing Tucker. CNN is being responsible for firing Lemon,” one Twitter user posted. “Now it’s your turn @abc @disney and fire toxic Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny and Anna. And you @msnbc you have way too many toxic hosts to list.”

“You know who they are and fire them,” the Goldberg critic added.

More fans rushed to Carlson’s aid, taking cheap shots in their outrage at Goldberg’s gesture.

“It is unfathomable to me that these ladies have an audience at all. Wherever Tucker goes now, his numbers will destroy all others combined,” posted a Carlson fan on Twitter. “The reins are off and he will speak freely even more so, and these girls are too stupid to see it. And when did Whoopi Goldberg gain 200 LBS? Yikes.”

Carlson’s followers continued to call Goldberg “petty” and wished for her “demise.”

In addition to Fox News severing relations with Carlson, CNN viewers were stunned when Don Lemon claimed that he was sacked from his longtime anchor job, saying he found out from his agent rather than network executives.