Verizon vs AT&T: 5G War Just Got Interesting

Verizon is giving its words to the customers that it will deliver what it promises and this came after AT&T misled customers with its “5G E”. This was used by the company for the advanced version of 4G LTE that it provides.

Verizon vs AT&T: Fake 5G Logo

The software update by AT&T to its phones has updated the 4G LTE sign to “5G E”. The “5G E” sign stands for “5G Evolution”. The devices that got the software update include LG V30, LG V40 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Active.

Whenever these devices connect to a particular portion of the network of the carrier, the fake logo will be displayed. Is this what customers actually need, a bluff?

Verizon promises not to cheat customers like AT&T.
Verizon has launched it’s 5G over AT&T claims

As a result, Verizon decided to release a statement in response to it. Kyle Malady, Chief Technology Officer of the company, said,

We won’t take an old phone and just change the software to turn the 4 in the status bar into a 5. We will not call our 4G network a 5G network if customers don’t experience a performance or capability upgrade that only 5G can deliver.

The company further emphasized that 5G term should only be used when a connection is made via “new radio technology” for providing new capabilities.

Verizon 5G Home Internet Service

As per Arc Technica, Verizon has also crossed this 5G line as one of its services was below the industry’s standard. The 5G home internet service of the carrier does not use 5G NR or the New Radio global standard.

The company is using its version of 5G technology. The company believes that this 5G service is an upgrade of its 4G technology.

Verizon updated its 4G technology.
Verizon has released it 5G technology but not on 5G NR. Credits: Engadget

Rivals take shots

Several other carriers are also voicing their opinion against the actions of AT&T. T-Mobile and Sprint also took shots at the company. Sprint said that AT&T is misleading customers blatantly.

Source: Tech Times, Clean Cheater

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