The Mishap

The command of the U.S. military which is responsible and accountable for the nuclear weapons of the nation has reportedly tweeted a message on the Eve of New Year on the Monday afternoon by stating that they are always ready to drop something that is much bigger than the iconic Time Square ball of Manhattan.

There goes the bomb

The post was also accompanied by a video that allegedly went live as the country started to ring the bell at the beginning of the year by watching the popular New York City ball which, every year descend at midnight. The U.S. Strategic Command then deleted and also apologized for the tweet.

What went wrong with the Tweet?

A spokeswoman of the U.S. Strategic Command, Meghan M. Liemburg-Archer has said that they have admittedly erred the post in and connected it to the festivities in the New Year’s Eve and this is why they have apologized. The spokeswoman also said that they are going to remain utterly dedicated to the security of the United States as well as their allies.

The Strategic Command of the US along with a unified military force which controls the launching of the nuclear weapons has tweeted one of the unusual messages as mentioned before. And the video featured the B-2 bombers that reportedly dropped a 30,000 pound of conventional weapons during the test range.

U.S. Strategic Command has deleted the tweet on New Year Eve
National Public Radio

The post which attracted a frenzy of controversy was deleted later. The post also included a sizzle reel that was released at the beginning of the year, showcasing a B-2 bomber which can drop a pair of the conventional MOP, Massive Ordnance Penetrators at a specified test range, according to the Pentagon.

The bombs that have been depicted in the video are regarded as the bunker busters. They are generally conventional and not nuclear. The tweet seems to serve as a distant reminder for the rest of the world that the United States military maintains, the most capable as well as the largest weapons in the whole world.

U.S. Strategic Command Headquaters
Military Reports

To protect and to serve

Capt. Brook Dewalt, the Strategic Command spokesperson has reportedly told CNN that the post is a part of their recap of the priorities of the command and it is all about reassuring the people of America that the US military is ready at every single point of time, even of the eve of the New Year.

Later on Monday, there was a tweet by the Strategic Command which said that their previous NYE tweet was the poorest of the tastes and they do not reflect their values. They also apologized for the tweet.

Source: CNN, The Washington Post

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