Up short film Carl’s Date has taken social media by storm. Here’s when the movie will release and how you will be able to stream it online via Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and other services.

Carl and Ellie’s love story was extremely heartwarming. Disney +’s “Up” explored the ups and downs of this elderly couple, their adorable moments, and finally, the heart-wrenching ending when Ellie passes away.

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The movie left many hearts broken. But now there’s an update to make all those who watched the original movie happy. Up returns with a sequel. Well, a sequel was expected for a long, and now it’s finally coming.

The sequel, titled Carl’s Date, will explore how Carl manages his life after the death of Ellie. Carl is set up for a date but isn’t ready for it. Dug, his beloved dog, is accompanying Carl. The movie will be giving a tribute to Ed Asner, the voice actor behind Carl, who passed away last year.


LOOK: Disney announces the release of its new short film “Carl’s Date,” which is based on the classic film “Up,” in theaters on June 16. | 📷: Disney
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Up Short Film Carl’s Date – Release Date

The confirmed release date is not out yet. But the Up short film Carl’s Date will officially release before Elemental. Elemental will be released on June 16, 2023. So it is likely that Carl’s Date will be released in June 2023 or perhaps the end of May 2023. We’ll update you with the confirmed release date once it is announced.

 Up Short Film Carl's Date release date and watch online
Carl and Ellie’s love story was extremely heartwarming.

What Is The Plot Of Up Short Film Carl’s Date?

The 2009 movie followed the story of Carl, who set out to explore a new life after the death of his wife. The latest movie will be a spin-off of the 2009 movie, which went on to win many prestigious awards.

Carl’s Date will see Carl going on a date, but the makers are quick to clarify that it won’t be any romantic relationship. Ellie’s place cannot be taken by anyone. Well, this is surely a relief for many fans

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lvl27 Cubone (Chris Nuse)
I was so worried after it didn't show up on Feb 10th! You can't do that to my boy Carl. 🥺

I'm extremely excited to see this.
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How To Watch Carl’s Date Online?

You can watch the series on Disney +. It is a part of Disney releases slated for 2023. Now you need to avail Disney + subscription to enjoy the latest movie

Can You Watch It On Netflix?

No, Carl’s Date will be airing only on Disney +. Netflix doesn’t boast of any impressive collection of Disney movies.

Can You Watch Carl’s Date Free  Online?

Yes, you have the option to stream the movie for free. Disney+ offers a 7-day free trial to new users. Also, Hulu provides a free Disney + account when you subscribe to Hulu. So this is an easy way to watch Up short film Carl’s Date For Free.