This heart-touching story is coming out from Ukraine.

The 32-years old sales manager from Ukrain named Roman Overchenko is seen saying a final send-off to his wife and child before he leaves to volunteer and join the combat Russian progressing army. He holds his six-year-old daughter in his arm and you could see his face filled with different emotions.

Dasha wraps head hands around his head and pulls her daddy close. She refuses to let her father go. The powerful hug conveyed a story of so many emotions, that it was heartbreaking to see the reaction of the family. It pulled attention and stops passers-by.

Roman also hugs his two-year-old Margo, to say goodbye. His wife, Evheniya, 30, could not resist her emotions and kept her head away from the family. The man promised himself that he would stay strong and come back for his little girls, but there is no surviving to what follows next.

Where the whole country is grieving, some incidences make people emerge with renewed anger.

when it was finally time for Evheniya to say her own farewell to her man, she was accompanied by her daughters and her parents. She is fleeing the fighting near their home city more than 500 miles east. The couple shares a moment exchanging words, silence, emotions. And then Evheniya heads inside her father’s Golf cart and joins her girls in the backseat.

Roman stands there and sees his family going away. He smiles at them and progresses towards the direction he has to follow. He said, that it was an emotionally challenging decision for him. But he had to save his family and send them away. He is scared of the thought of them getting harmed in the battle. Roman also said, that he is going to be fine and will never be taken aback by the enemy. As much as he is for his family, he is also willing to be to fight for his country.

Thousands of men are heading towards the border to fight for the country. There were many other goodbyes in the country, but this story touched millions.

The railway station is flooded by refugees arriving from the East. One railway official said, that it is a never-ending river. More and more people are coming and it is never to a close.