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Former UFC champion, Luke Rockhold is apparently very angry on some of the younger players. The former middleweight champ Rockhold calls out Anthony Smith and Jon Jones on their latest fights. Apparently, the veteran player is not happy with how the players are backing out from fights and fearing about losing their titles.

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Dillion Danis has also taunted Jon Jones for not fighting at the promotional heavyweight match. It seems a trend nowadays to diss someone and apparently get a championship match. Here is what Luke Rockhold said about Anthony Smith and Jon Jones, and how a future fight can happen.

Rockhold hates Anthony Smith

anthony smith vs alexander gustafsson

The recent rivalry between Anthony Smith and Anthony Gustafsson is known to everyone in the world. Apparently, Rockhold predicted that Smith would easily lose the match to Gustaf, but he was proved wrong. Smith won the match in an amazing way when Gus tapped out to submission. It was still not enough for Rockhold as he considers there are other reasons behind Gus losing that match.

Gustafsson did not come to fight with Smith during that UFC fight night. It looked like he had retired a long time before, even the fight started. So, I believe his head was not in the game. He was not focused on the game, he was looking out for his family. He thought it will be an easy exit in Stockholm and found a way out of that fight by submitting.

Luke is ready to fight Jon Jones

Rockhold challenges Jones

The former champ didn’t stop there and diverted the topic on fighting with Jon Jones for the middle heavyweight championship. Luke said that Jon Jones was too scared to fight Daniel Cormier at the promotional heavyweight championship.

Jon is not talking about fighting Daniel at heavyweight, he’s just kind of trying to beat around the bush and bait him. He wants him to back down and is planning to antagonize him. So, Jon is scared to fight him at heavyweight matches. There are only a few selective names he wants to fight with and that makes a lot of sense. If things go out right, maybe I will fight him and put my marks on his face.