Justin H. Min said that the final revelation at the finale episode played out differently


The second season of the Umbrella Academy ended with a huge twist which left fans speechless. The stars of the superhero series on Netflix handled the revelation in a different fashion altogether.
Although the recent run of the superhero series saw the heroes return to 2019 to figure out that Ben (Justin H. Min) is not only alive. But is also heading the Sparrow Academy which in the shows is the rival squad of superheroes.
Min, the member of the superhero series mentioned that his character and the other characters in the series took the end of the show in a very different fashion.
In an interview with TV Guide, he said, “In the first version of this scene, Klaus (Robert Sheehan) was supposed to be the one who sees me first, and he says, ‘Ben?’“It was nice to have that moment with Ben and Klaus, but they decided to change it because they didn’t want the audience to be confused thinking that Klaus was the only one who could see Ben again.

“They changed it, and so everyone just says ‘Sh**’ now, which I think is really funny and very like our family to do that.”

A change that is represented by the new hairstyle of the character sets him apart from the Ben he played in the series when he saved Vanya.

He further explains that the hairstyle of the character was important to set himself differently from the previous character he played in the first season.

“We actually went through about 20 iterations of the hair situation, they wanted it to be as different from Ben’s hair as possible.

“[The original] Ben’s hair is perfectly coiffed. He’s a ghost, so his hair rarely moves, or is not supposed to move at all.

“They wanted something to be messier, longer. You can’t really see quite clearly [in the scene], but there’s a couple of blue streaks there. I like to call it my ode to My Chemical Romance.”

Starring Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David Castañeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan and Aidan Gallagher as the Hargreeves and is based on Gerard Way’s comic book series of the same name, the Umbrella first streamed on Netflix in 2019.