In the sixth episode of the popular TV series The Power, the struggles of Margot, a woman with extraordinary abilities, continue as she faces challenges in a society where men are trying to take back control of women. Alongside her, other characters face their difficulties, from family drama to relationship troubles.


This episode of The Power, “Sparklefingers,” sees Margot dealing with the repercussions of having supernatural powers as men who oppose female empowerment become more vocal. One of UrbanDox’s listeners is seen plotting outside Margot’s home, adding to the tension. Margot and Rob attempt to reconcile after their previous fight but find it difficult to move past their trust issues. Margot is asked to keep her powers hidden at work, as other women with abilities are being fired due to their gender.

Tunde returns to Nigeria for a wedding and tries to convince the groom-to-be not to cancel the ceremony due to his fiancée’s powers. Meanwhile, Roxy visits Terry’s graveside, where she talks to her brother Darell about their father’s business.

Jos and Ryan’s relationship hits a rough patch when Jos uses her powers during an intimate moment, and Ryan reveals that he is intersex. This revelation adds another layer to the exploration of gender and power in the series.

Margot is forced to undergo a public health test for EOD, the condition that grants women their powers. Although she passed the test, she is now in danger of exposure. Despite the risks, Margot challenges Governor Danden for the Senate seat, sparking a dangerous turn of events.


“Sparklefingers” is a compelling episode that adds to The Power’s complex themes and relationships. The prominence of UrbanDox in this episode adds an element of danger and raises essential questions about the lengths some individuals are willing to go to regain power.

The series’ exploration of gender and sexuality is commendable. Ryan’s revelation about being intersex highlights the unequal power distribution in society and allows the show to delve further into these issues.

Overall, “Sparklefingers” is another intense episode in The Power that continues to deliver thought-provoking content.


What is EOD?

EOD is the acronym for “the Day of the Girls,” the fictional event in the show that grants young women the power to develop supernatural abilities.

Who is UrbanDox?

UrbanDox is a radical streamer who spreads a message of male supremacy, urging men to reclaim their dominance over women.

What is the significance of Ryan’s confession?

Ryan’s revelation that he is intersex highlights the societal norms that dictate who holds power and who doesn’t. The show uses this revelation as an opportunity to continue exploring issues of gender and sexuality in a thought-provoking manner.