The rich tapestry of the Conjuring Universe never ceases to grow. As the storyline jumps between decades, we see supernatural stories unfold, offering fans both intrigue and horror. The latest addition, “The Nun 2”, offers a fresh insight into the backstory of Valak, the Demon Nun. But where exactly does it fit in the vast Conjuring Universe timeline?

From the 1950s: Revisiting Valak’s Origins

Delving into the 1950s, “The Nun” (2018) introduced us to Valak’s chilling backstory, with Sister Irene (played by Taissa Farmiga) at the heart of the narrative. The film’s success laid the groundwork for “The Nun 2”, serving as a prequel to further the sinister tales surrounding Valak. “The presence of Valak across various entries in the horror franchise means that the movie must be careful with its timeline placement to avoid creating any major retcons or breaking the in-universe canon,” a key point for the creators to navigate.

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Unlocking 'The Nun 2': How It Fits in The Conjuring's Spooky Timeline and What's Next

Fans of the original were eagerly anticipating where the sequel would pick up. “The Nun 2” doesn’t disappoint; set just four years after the original in 1956, the story catches up with Sister Irene and Valak at a boarding school in France. This four-year gap mirrors the time lapse between the movie releases, adding a touch of meta-reality to the universe.

“It is known that The Nun 2 takes place four years after the original movie. The Nun took place in 1952, making it the oldest movie set in the Conjuring timeline.”

The Annabelle Connection

A significant movie that predates “The Nun 2” in the Conjuring timeline is “Annabelle: Creation”. Set in 1955, it delves deep into the beginnings of the Annabelle doll. This means the eerie doll’s origin story takes place just a year before the events of “The Nun 2”.

Bridging the Gap to The Conjuring Series

With “The Nun 2” set in 1956, it precedes the events of the original Conjuring movies by 15 years. A brief look at the timeline gives clarity:

Unlocking 'The Nun 2': How It Fits in The Conjuring's Spooky Timeline and What's Next

The Conjuring’s chronological map positions “The Nun 2” as the third installment. But with over two decades between “The Nun 2” and Valak’s debut in “The Conjuring 2”, there’s ample room for the universe to expand.

“There are still 21 years between Valak’s first appearance in The Conjuring 2 and The Nun 2 that can be mined for additional sequels and spinoffs without undermining or contradicting the franchise timeline.”

The Future of The Conjuring Universe

The Conjuring Universe remains a gold mine of potential storylines, with two decades worth of tales left to tell. As “The Nun 2” finds its place in this intricate timeline, fans can eagerly anticipate further explorations into the sinister worlds of Valak, Annabelle, and other dark entities that have left indelible marks on audiences worldwide.