Season Two of The Lincoln Lawyer Reclaims the Crown with 8.3 Million Total Views

All hail the new monarch of Netflix’s kingdom! In a bold resurgence, season two of the captivating legal drama The Lincoln Lawyer has ascended to the apex of Netflix’s Top 10 English-Language TV chart. This notable rise in the ranks comes swiftly on the heels of the release of the season’s first part on July 6, a testament to the series’ gripping plotlines and magnetic performances.

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With the show pulling in a commendable 8.3 million total views, it’s clear that the courtroom drama has an undeniably firm grip on viewers’ attention. Beyond that, the series boasted an awe-inspiring 35.3 million hours viewed within one week – the July 10-16 window.

This is no small feat, especially considering the numerous options for viewers’ time on the streaming giant’s platform.

Keeping up with the call for increased transparency and eager to share the success stories on their platform, Netflix has recently begun sharing total view data in their official top 10 charts. They calculate these figures using a straightforward method – simply dividing the total hours viewed by the total runtime of a series.

In the case of The Lincoln Lawyer, the calculated runtime comes in at a smooth 4.14 hours.

Adding to the success story of this fascinating legal drama, season one managed to carve out a space for itself on the coveted chart, nestling comfortably at No. 5 with an impressive 3.4 million total views. The intrigue surrounding the series, old and new alike, appears to haven’t faded in the slightest.

Looking ahead, the future of The Lincoln Lawyer seems brighter than ever. With the second half of season two eagerly awaited and scheduled for an August 3 release, we can anticipate that the series will not only uphold its current momentum but could even surpass it. As more plot twists unfold and character arcs develop, viewers are sure to be gripped by the irresistible allure of this compelling drama.

So, hold on to your gavels, the court is in session, and The Lincoln Lawyer is laying down the law on Netflix’s charts!

The Witcher Season 3 Drops to the Second Spot Despite a Strong Performance

In the unpredictable landscape of Netflix rankings, a power power shift is always around the corner. Case in point, the much-beloved fantasy series The Witcher Season 3. This enchanting saga, filled with sorcery and sword fights, had been reigning supreme atop the title list for two consecutive weeks following its highly anticipated debut on June 29.

However, this week saw a change in the wind.

Despite a fierce fight with an impressive performance, The Witcher has been nudged off its throne, moving down a rung to occupy the second spot this week. It’s worth noting that this comes after the series posted an impressive 15.2 million total views during the June 26-July 2 viewing window, demonstrating the stronghold the fantastical journey of Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer has on its devoted fan base.

Even in its descent, The Witcher Season 3 continues to pull in substantial numbers. The latest season she managed to amass 6.7 million total views and 32.1 million hours viewed this week. These numbers reflect the spellbinding allure of the series and its ability to captivate audiences across the globe.

However, in an intriguing turn of events, unlike last week, previous seasons of The Witcher failed to secure a spot in this week’s tally. This deviates from the pattern usually observed, where earlier seasons often enjoy a surge in viewership, triggered by the release of the new season, as fans rush to revisit older episodes or newcomers embark on the journey afresh.

Nevertheless, while The Witcher may have relinquished its crown for now, it continues to hold a place of honor in the hearts of viewers and the rankings on Netflix. Given the pulsating action, intricate storytelling, and captivating characters that the series offers, it wouldn’t be surprising if it clambers back up to the top spot shortly.

After all, anything is possible in the magical realm of The Witcher!

Fatal Seduction and Survival of the Thickest Make Their Mark

Stepping onto the podium in the third-place slot during its sophomore week among Netflix’s top 10 is the intriguing Fatal Seduction. This enticing series, wrapped in mystery and laced with intrigue, pulled in a noteworthy 6.6 million total views. The chilling drama, clocking in at a total runtime of 3.46 hours, garnered an impressive 24.8 million hours viewed, indicating that it has successfully managed to captivate audiences and keep them hooked from start to finish.

In the fierce competition for viewership, Fatal Seduction managed to outpace the debut of the comically relatable Survival of the Thickest. This latter series, an on-screen adaptation of the comedian’s refreshingly candid 2020 memoir, launched with a solid footing.

Despite being a newcomer to Netflix’s lineup, it recorded 3.7 million total views and a substantial 13.3 million hours viewed in its inaugural four-day run. This robust start is a testament to the series’ relatable humor and poignant reflections, features that have resonated with audiences and propelled it onto the streaming giant’s leaderboard.

Interestingly, Survival of the Thickest’s initial performance suggests that it has the potential for escalating popularity. While it didn’t match the viewership of Fatal Seduction in this round, it’s important to remember that it’s still in its early days.

Given the show’s charismatic humor, endearing authenticity, and the comedian’s widely appreciated comedic talent, it’s likely to attract a steadily growing fanbase.

As viewers continue to dive into the funny, insightful, and sometimes outrageous world of Survival of the Thickest, we can anticipate a potential rise in viewership over the coming weeks. If its early performance is any indication, it’s pretty plausible that this comedic memoir-turned-series may soon be climbing the ranks to challenge the likes of Fatal Seduction and other top contenders on Netflix’s charts.

Quarterback and Too Hot to Handle Heat Up the Competition

In the exciting ebb and flow of Netflix’s dynamic chart, the latter half predominantly belongs to unscripted titles, bringing raw, spontaneous entertainment that seems to resonate with viewers. Standing out among these titles is the compelling documentary series, Quarterback.

This inspiring exploration into professional football has successfully made a break for the sixth spot, showcasing an impressive performance by registering 3.3 million total views and a commendable 21.4 million hours viewed.

Quarterback effectively tells the tales of triumph and trials on and off the field with its captivating narrative and candid insights. Its current standing on the chart is a testament to the captivating nature of real-life drama, even when pitted against the slew of scripted series that Netflix offers.

However, hot on its heels is the fiery reality dating show, Too Hot to Handle Season 5. Known for its scandalous twists and turns, the show stirred up quite a buzz, pulling in 2.8 million total views within the first three days of its release. While it might be slightly trailing Quarterback for now, the game of love is far from over.

With a compelling promise of more episodes to be unveiled over the next two Fridays, the anticipation and excitement among the show’s fanbase are palpable. As more drama unfolds, alliances form, hearts break, and surprises are revealed, viewers are likely to tune in en masse, boosting the show’s total views and potentially pushing it further up the ranking.

In this captivating game of numbers, Quarterback and Too Hot to Handle are performing commendably, each unique in their approach yet equally riveting in their content.

Whether it’s the rugged charm of professional football or the sizzling sparks of reality dating, viewers can rest assured that there’s never a dull moment in the latter half of Netflix’s chart!

Is it Cake? and Hack My Home Tied for Eighth Place

In the fascinating world of streaming television, battles for dominance occur at every level of the chart. Occupying the eighth position, we find a unique tussle for viewership between two distinctive shows: Is it Cake?: Is it Cake, Too? and Hack My Home. Both made their second-week appearance on Netflix’s top 10 charts with an identical tally of 2.6 million total views, demonstrating their shared ability to capture the interest of Netflix’s global audience.

Is it Cake?: Is it Cake, Too? is a riveting exploration into the world of confectionery artistry, where ordinary objects are cleverly disguised as delectable desserts. Each episode brings a new wave of anticipation, suspense, and of course, hunger, as viewers are left guessing whether the object before them is, in fact, cake.

At the same level, we find Hack My Home, a series that brings the world of DIY and home improvements to the small screen in an engaging and accessible way. By showcasing inspiring transformations and practical home improvement tips, the series has managed to resonate with viewers seeking to spruce up their living spaces or simply looking for a dose of creative inspiration.

However, when it came to the ultimate tie-breaker, Is it Cake? It managed to outwit its competitor. Despite the matched total views, Is it Cake? Came out victorious in the hours viewed category. The show managed to clock in an impressive 15.4 million hours viewed over Hack My Home’s 11.9 million. This exciting twist suggests that while both shows have an equivalent number of viewers, those tuning into Is it Cake? Spend longer durations engrossed in the world of edible artistry.

Whether it’s the fascinating spectacle of baking mastery on Is it Cake? or the imaginative home transformations on Hack My Home, viewers have clearly shown their appreciation for these innovative and captivating series. And while this round may have seen Is it Cake? Triumph in terms of hours viewed, the competition remains close, promising an exciting and unpredictable race in the coming weeks.

Sonic Prime Season 2 Finds a Spot on the Chart

Closing out the illustrious top 10 list, we find Sonic Prime Season 2 with a respectable 2.4 million total views. This charming addition to the streaming giant’s repertoire follows the adventures of everyone’s favorite high-speed hedgehog, offering a perfect blend of nostalgia and new thrills since its July 13 premiere.

As viewers immerse themselves in Sonic’s fast-paced, exhilarating world, the show has successfully carved out its place among Netflix’s most-viewed titles.

The presence of Sonic Prime on this list, alongside a diverse range of other shows, underscores the eclectic tastes of Netflix’s vast global viewership. From the cunning courtroom battles in The Lincoln Lawyer to the reality dating drama Too Hot to Handle, and from the magical world of The Witcher to the unexpected transformations in Is It Cake? These trends underline a fascinating equilibrium between well-established series and innovative new entries.

Viewers are consistently captivated by the continuation of their beloved narratives and fresh, compelling content. Netflix has skillfully navigated this balance, offering its audience a constant stream of familiar and novel entertainment.

But as we all know, nothing is static in the realm of streaming television. The rankings, reflecting the ever-evolving preferences of the audience, change weekly. The throne, now occupied by The Lincoln Lawyer, remains a coveted spot for any show. With each passing week, anticipation builds as we wait to see which title will next capture viewers’ hearts and rise to the top.

Below, you’ll find the complete Netflix Top 10 lists for the week of July 10-16. This comprehensive chart begins with English-language series, followed by non-English-language TV shows, English-language movies, and finally, non-English-language movies.

Each category reveals its fascinating insights, serving as a testament to the diverse, global audience that Netflix continues to captivate.

Source: Variety