The Elder Scrolls Online Updates Players have to Re-Download the Game for Bug Fixes and other Improvements

The Elder Scrolls Online game updates will be coming out soon to fix the various issues and make the gameplay better. ZeniMax Online has updated the list of performance improving updates for Elder Scrolls online version of the game. The required patches will come out early in 2020 and players will have to re-download the game. Here are the list of updates and bug fixes for ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ and reasons why gamers have to download the game again.

Elder Scrolls Update 25: Reasons for Re-Download

Elder Scrolls Update 25 Reasons for Re-Download

Elder Scrolls Online Update 25 will bring one of the most anticipated changes by fans and it will be a patching haul. As per the reports, developers are already in the final phase of internal testing and there is no reason to delay its release any further.

ZeniMax Online has also finished the work required to make the characters and fixture load at a faster pace. They will also release phase 2 of behind-the-scenes combat ability improvements in Elder Scrolls Online Update 25. The Elder Scrolls gamers will soon get to experience the frame rate improvements including the multi-threading works. The makers have explained that it will help more game systems to utilize multiple cores and improve the overall performance of the game client.

Elder Scrolls Online Update 25 will bring so many changes at a bigger magnitude, that the game has to re-downloaded for a smooth experience. The Update 25 is in the final internal testing phase and Elder Scrolls developers are confident that they could release it in the first quarter of 2020.

Elder Scrolls Update 26 Release Date and Gameplay Fixes

Elder Scrolls Update 26 Release Date and Gameplay Fixes 

The Elder Scrolls Online developers have confirmed that there are long term plans issue server optimization and stability improvements via Update 26 before the first half of the year. ZeniMax Online is planning to change the usage of pets resource processes in Elder Scroll Online updates to improve the overall gameplay.

Elder Scrolls Online Update 27 and 28 to enhance the frame rate and behind-the-scenes combat will be released somewhere in the second quarter of the year. Make sure you have the required space and memory in your device and keep the battery charged while updating and re-downloading the Elder Scrolls Online game.

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