Karte 1: I Was Stolen Away

Episode 1 of The Dangers In My Heart starts with a captivating start as we meet our protagonist, Kyotaro Ichikawa, struggling to cope with his dark desires. He becomes fixated on Anna Yamada, a popular girl at his school, whom he dreams of murdering every night. However, he despises himself for having these thoughts.

Plot Summary

Kyotaro, overcome by his murderous thoughts, finds himself in the school library, where he spots Yamada eating onigiri. He secretly watches her, noticing her strange hand gestures and humming. He suggests a scheme to lend her his box cutter, realizing she has forgotten hers while working on a social studies project. After witnessing her struggle with ripping paper without a knife, he lends her his, and she thanks him before leaving with it in her pencil case.

When Kyotaro doesn’t get his box cutter back the next day, he wonders if Yamada has it with her. He is shocked to find it lying on his desk in class and realizes that Yamada knew which desk he sat in. As the social studies group projects are presented in style, Kyotaro notices that Yamada’s project looks different from before. He becomes angry when he realizes that she has redone the whole thing. When Yamada’s classmate presents their project, Yamada seems depressed, and Kyotaro tears up his project with his box cutter to prevent anyone from noticing Yamada crying.

Later, Kyotaro spots Yamada and her friends in the library again, and he overhears their conversation about a magazine called CiEL. He follows Yamada to a bookstore and watches her acting strangely around other girls. He questions why he is getting so worked up over Yamada and angrily throws the magazine out. In a flashback, we learn that Kyotaro’s name is Kyotaro Ichikawa.

One day, Kyotaro spots Yamada with another boy named Haruya, and he becomes jealous. He overhears them talking about social media and sends his bike toward them in a fit of anger. The episode concludes with Yamada confronting Kyotaro about his actions, and he makes her laugh with a joke.

The Episode Review

The first episode of The Dangers In My Heart sets up an intriguing premise with a unique and flawed protagonist in Kyotaro. The chemistry between Kyotaro and Yamada is evident from the start, and their interactions are filled with humor and awkwardness. However, the comedy may not be to everyone’s taste, as it portrays high school humor that some viewers may find awkward or inappropriate.

The episode features well-drawn facial expressions and embarrassing situations, adding humor to the story. Kyotaro’s internal struggle with his dark desires and his poor social skills make him a complex character that viewers will be curious to see develop further in future episodes.


Q: What are The Dangers In My Heart?
A: The Dangers In My Heart is an anime series that revolves around the story of Kyotaro Ichikawa, a high school student who struggles with dark and murderous thoughts toward a girl named Anna Yamada.

Q: What is the premise of Season 1 Episode 1?
A: In Season 1 Episode 1, Kyotaro is shown grappling with his desire to harm Anna Yamada, whom he dreams of murder. He observes her closely in school and lends her his box cutter for a project but later regrets it. He tries to protect Yamada from being noticed during a class presentation and faces challenges with his internal struggles and social interactions.

Q: What can viewers expect from the anime series?
A: Viewers can expect an intriguing story with distinct characters, the chemistry between the main protagonists, and a blend of humor and drama. The series delves into Kyotaro’s psychological struggles and explores themes of social anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and teenage relationships.

Q: Is the humor in the anime suitable for all audiences?
A: While the humor in The Dangers In My Heart reflects typical high school student antics, it may not resonate with all audiences. Some viewers may find it awkward or inappropriate, as it deals with dark thoughts and emotions. It is recommended for mature audiences who can appreciate the nuances of teenage humor and psychological themes.

Q: What are some standout elements of Season 1 Episode 1?
A: Season 1 Episode 1 of The Dangers In My Heart features distinct character personalities, the chemistry between Kyotaro and Yamada, and humorous facial expressions and embarrassing situations. The episode also explores Kyotaro’s internal struggles and his attempts to cope with his dark thoughts uniquely and intriguingly.

Q: Will Kyotaro’s desire to harm Yamada continue throughout the series?
A: The storyline of The Dangers In My Heart is dynamic and evolves with each episode. Watching the subsequent episodes is recommended to discover how Kyotaro’s character and relationship with Yamada progress.

Q: What are some possible interpretations of Kyotaro’s actions in Episode 1?
A: Kyotaro’s actions in Episode 1 can be interpreted as a manifestation of his internal struggles with intrusive thoughts and poor social skills. His desire to harm Yamada may be seen as a reflection of his inner turmoil and conflicts. The episode also hints at a potential romantic interest between Kyotaro and Yamada, adding depth to their interactions.

Q: How can I watch The Dangers In My Heart?
A: The Dangers In My Heart anime series can be streamed on popular anime streaming platforms or accessed through authorized online sources. Check the official website or streaming platforms for availability in your region.