Welcome to our recap of The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 5, “Trina.” This episode takes an emotional turn as we witness Dusty’s daughter Trina struggling to cope with the death of her boyfriend while Dusty tries to rekindle his marriage with Cass.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

Trina’s Struggle

The episode opens with Trina on the roof of Giorgio’s restaurant, unleashing her pent-up emotions by vandalizing his sign with a baseball bat. Dusty attempts to appease an irate Giorgio, explaining that it was only the day before that Kolton, Trina’s boyfriend, was laid to rest. Trina is inconsolable, and Giorgio lets her off the hook, hoping to impress Cass, whom he admires.
Father Reuben tries to comfort Trina on the day of Kolton’s birthday.

Trina reveals that “she can no longer confide in her parents or friends.”

She feels guilty about Kolton’s death, but Father Reuben assures her it is not her fault. However, Trina implies it somehow is but refuses to open up to the priest.

As Trina feels left out of her twin brother Jacob’s plans for the evening, she decides to visit him, and the two discuss Kolton. It is revealed that Jacob and Trina have started to hang out more because Kolton would often ditch Trina to be with his friends.

Dusty’s Attempt at Romance

To improve his marriage, Dusty takes Cass away for a weekend getaway. The couple is welcomed to their new home for the weekend at Martha and Rose’s Inn, but they are disappointed to find out that they have been assigned the worst room in the building, furthering Cass’ belief that Martha hates her.

They must watch Mr. Johnson’s magic performance during their stay and socialize with a random couple. The couple initiates a threesome with Dusty and Cass, and while they agree, Dusty falls and hits his head in the process. While Cass gets ice, she runs into Martha and starts a conversation. Martha reveals the truth behind the breakdown of her marriage with Izzy, causing Cass to leave with Dusty.

The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 5 Ending

Trina decides to confide in Beau, Kolton’s father, about her guilt and admits to lying about her Morpho card, which says “liar” on it. Trina also reveals that she was a bad girlfriend, cheating on Kolton. This implies that Trina and Jacob were together before Kolton’s death. Enraged by Trina’s confessions, Beau asks her to leave.
In the episode’s final moments, Beau talks to Jacob alone, wanting to know more about his son. He takes a chainsaw to the kitchen table, displaying his frustration.


What is The Big Door Prize about?

The Big Door Prize is a drama series that revolves around a small town where a mysterious machine appears that can predict people’s futures.

Who stars in The Big Door Prize?

The series stars Chris O’Dowd as Dusty, Gabrielle Dennis as Cass, Djouliet Amara as Trina, and others.

Where can I watch The Big Door Prize?

You can stream the series exclusively on Apple TV+.