Our newsfeeds are probably not the only ones that frequently feature cute animal images. Social media has made it easier than ever for pet owners to boast about their furry children. Another Instagram post showcasing images of Maine Coon kittens recently went viral. What makes them cute? Well, they all appear to be wearing sour expressions.

Maine Coon cats are raised at the Russian cattery Catsvill County. The cattery published pictures of a litter of five grey kittens on Instagram. They were immediately picked out as being out of the ordinary.

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A Russian Cattery’s Instagram Post Featuring Five Grey Kittens Has Gone Viral.

All Of Them Kittens Seem To Have A Grumpy Face

It turns out that they all resemble elderly men who have had a very difficult day. Anyone can’t help but notice the strangely endearing facial expressions on these kitties.

Unquestionably, pet owners prefer Maine Coons among the most popular cat breeds. It’s the largest breed of domestic cats, for starters. Who wouldn’t adore having a large, fluffy cat in the house? In actuality, cats of this breed have a growth potential of up to 40 inches. In addition, 75 distinct fur color combinations are possible.

We only have theories regarding the precise ancestry of this breed. According to one theory, it’s a cross between a cat and a raccoon. One more claims it’s a cat and a bobcat fight. Another hypothesis connects it to Marie Antoinette and her angora cats.

However, the possibility that these fuzzy cats are descended from Norwegian Forest Cats is the most likely. In the past, ship commanders would bring their cats on board for mouse control. Yet, there has never been any conclusive evidence regarding the true origins of this breed.

The only thing left for us to do is to merely awe at the distinctive features and probably even human-like expressions of these long-haired cats.

Thoughts on this breed of a cat vary widely among people.