Ted Lasso season 4 may be on the horizon, following the tremendous success of the show’s first three seasons. The Apple TV Plus original comedy series, led by Jason Sudeikis in the titular role, has garnered widespread acclaim for its clever wit and charming characters.

Ted Lasso tells the story of an American football coach who sets out to turn around a struggling English soccer team. Since its debut in 2020, the show has continued to win over audiences and numerous Emmy Awards. With its track record of success, there’s no doubt that Ted Lasso season 4 would be just as impressive.

Despite some initial uncertainty regarding the show’s future, the idea of Ted Lasso season 4 is not completely out of the question. While some members of the creative team have seen the series as a three-season story, the show’s undeniable popularity may keep it going for much longer. Ted Lasso’s ensemble cast and endearing characters have been a driving force behind the series’ success, and if a season 4 were to be produced, it would undoubtedly be on the strength of these individuals alone.

5 Reasons Why Season 3 proved there should be a Ted Lasso Season 4

1. Ted’s soccer coaching journey is both overdue and perfectly executed.

Ted Lasso Season 4: 3 Reasons Why It Must Release
©Apple TV

In the first two seasons, Ted (Jason Sudeikis) was not well-versed in soccer but still led the team to victory. In season 3, Ted takes a more active interest in the game’s strategies. He creates the Total Football strategy in episode 6. The team initially struggles to implement it. Eventually, they make it work in a way that aligns with the show’s themes. Ted’s increasing knowledge about soccer changes the message of the show. This shows a growth in Ted’s character. The show picked the perfect moment to have that impact on the viewers. A Ted Lasso Season 4 could delve more into that aspect of his character whilst not getting too technical.

2. The delightful bromance between Jamie Tartt and Roy Kent.

Ted Lasso Season 4: 3 Reasons Why It Must Release
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Season 2 of Ted Lasso sees the once-hated Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) transforming into a true team player, which is weird because we all used to hate his guts. Meanwhile, Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) is going through a rough breakup, but his newly vulnerable side is surprisingly endearing. Watching these two bros bond over their shared love of soccer and bickering like an old married couple is a true highlight of the show. Even when they’re discussing mundane things like sleepwear, their dynamic is hilarious. Who knew that a once-arrogant player and an aging veteran could have such a delightful bromance? Ted Lasso, that’s who!

3. Ted Lasso’s Nate Shelley redemption arc is a delightfully rocky ride.

Ted Lasso Season 4: 3 Reasons Why It Must Release
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Nathan “Nate” Shelley’s (Nick Mohammed) fall from grace was spectacularly awful, but his redemption arc is shaping up to be just as deliciously messy. He’s finally breaking away from Rupert’s toxic influence and discovering who he really is. His awkward attempts at dating are both hilarious and endearing, and watching him stumble and fall is oddly satisfying. Despite his past misdeeds, it’s hard not to root for a man who receives dating tips from his mother as Nate fumbles his way toward redemption. Ted Lasso once again proves that it’s a masterclass in character development and comedic storytelling.

Ted Lasso Season 4 would make a lot of sense considering there’s still a lot of story that could be told. Cramming all the plot threads into the Season 3 Finale could feel overstuffed. Fans have come to love the characters and will continue to do so. Apple TV Plus has a solid series in its hands and would probably be foolish to not renew Ted Lasso Season 4.

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