WhatsApp Scam

Beware of New WhatsApp Scam That Hacks Accounts

According to recent reveal, ‘Yo WhatsApp’ is an unofficial app that is stealing access keys for the accounts of the

Media File Jacking: Lets the hackers exploit media received on WhatsApp & Telegram

Media File Jacking: Hackers Exploit Media on WhatsApp, Telegram

If you also blindly trust the end-to-end encryption messaging apps, you’ll have to reconsider your decision after reading this. Media

iPhone Chrome

Apple iPhone users at risk after Chrome for iOS fails

Apple iPhone users are at risk after a security flaw is discovered in Google Chrome on iOS. According to the

iPhone virus malware

Do iPhones get viruses or malwares? Here’s everything you need to know

Apple iPhone and other Apple products are generally safe from the viruses because of their tightly controlled ecosystem. However, there