This is a sweet story of Lisianne who found a black furry cat wandering near her home. When she saw the cat, she thought of helping her. So, she brought the hungry cat inside her house and gave her a bowl full of water and food. 

After that, she named the cat Usagi and the two of them began to develop a deep bond.

Usagi’s Belly Began To Grow

Lisianne then realized that her cat’s belly has started growing big (and it is not because of food).

“With this routine, the lady gained confidence and the kitty started getting close,” a local rescue group, named Chatons Orphelins Montréal, wrote on Facebook. “The kitty gave birth outside, but she came back every day to eat.”

Mother Cat Introduced Her Family

After a week, sweet Usagi decided to introduce Lisianne to her adorable and little family.

Lisianne Called Rescue Group

Seeing them, Lisianne took them inside her house and called the rescued group for help.

“The mom and her six babies were finally safe,” Chatons Orphelins Montréal wrote. “[Lisianne] decided to keep the mom [and] treated and spayed her and one of her friends took one of the kittens under her wing.”

They Recovered

“The babies were reserved, they needed socialization,” Chatons Orphelins Montréal said. “They started trusting and coming out of their shell. The little ones love having fun together.”