Even though their conflict dates back over three decades, John Leguizamo and action icon Steven Seagal seem to have rekindled their old animosity.

In a recent interview, the Moulin Rouge star even revealed that Seagal inspired his washed-up character in The Menu.

However, this isn’t the first time Leguizamo has made fun of the erstwhile macho man.

The pair notoriously fought on the set of Executive Decision, in which Leguizamo played a lowly sergeant, and Seagal played a bolshy Colonel Austin Travis.

Although Leguizamo was delighted to collaborate with the A-Lister on the hijack drama, he immediately fell out with Seagal as preparations for the 1996 action film began.

He described the feud to the AV Club, claiming that the role had gone to Seagal’s head and that he was even aggressive on set.

“He came in and was like, [low, breathy voice] ‘I’m in command. What I say is law.’ So I started, like, [snorts]. I mean, who the f**k talks like that?” he told the outlet, adding: “Who comes into rehearsal and says that s**t? “So I started laughing and he slammed me with an aikido elbow against a brick wall and knocked all the air out of me.”

Things became so bad on set that Leguizamo showed up early when Seagal had death scenes, saying: “I wanted to see him die. It was like a fantasy.”

Steven Seagal

The dispute has lasted for thirty years, but it has died down since Steven Seagal retired from acting to pursue a career in law enforcement.

However, Leguizamo reignited the debate while promoting his next picture, the comedy-horror The Menu.

The veteran actor plays Georgie Diaz, an action hero well past his prime, in the 2022 film and claims Steven Seagal inspired him for the part.

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal

When asked about it by Entertainment Weekly, the Romeo + Juliet actor stated that other A-Listers had also contributed to the persona, adding, “I’ve met lots of these stars like that, maybe before they were washed up.”

Continuing, he told the publication: “I kind of based mine on Steven Seagal. I had a bad run-in with him. We did a movie together. It was Executive Decision. He’s kind of a horrible human.”

It appears like the men’s feud will not be resolved anytime soon.

We contacted Steven Seagal about Leguizamo’s allegations.