St. Louis Police Officers Accused of Assaulting an Undercover Officer

    Cops of St. Louis Accused of Beating an Undercover Officer

    An undercover officer claims that he was assaulted by four St. Louis police officers.  The news came out when the search warrants were unsealed. These warrants were in case of four St. Louis police officers who have been alleged to have assaulted an undercover agent.

    The Undercover Agent Assaulted by St. Louis Police Officers

    The undercover officer, Luther Hall has claimed that during the protest in 2017 he was assaulted by St. Louis police officers.

    The four St. Louis police officers who have been alleged for the assault of undercover officer, Luther Hall are Dustin Boone, Randy Hays, Christopher Myers and Bailey Colletta.

    Affidavit claiming the assault of the undercover agent

    According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, an affidavit has been filed by the Special Agent of FBI, Darren Boehlje.

    Cops of St. Louis Accused of Beating an Undercover Officer

    The cops assaulted the undercover agent
    Source: Washington Post

    The affidavit claims that undercover officer, Luther Halls was documenting the activities in the protest as well as property destruction.

    According to the affidavit undercover agent Luther Hall was with his partner during the documentation. This is the when the demonstrations were taking place after the acquitting of former officer Jason Stockley.

    Jason Stockley was exculpated from being guilty of the death of Anthony Lamar Smith.

    The assault of the undercover agent

    The affidavit further claims that the undercover agent, Luther Hall had fled when the officers were firing bean bags as well as mace and pepper balls into the crowd. It was then when undercover agent, Hall was separated from his partner.

    Hall was ordered to be on the ground by the officers, claims the affidavit. When on knees, the undercover agent, Luther Hall was picked up and then slammed to the ground.

    The undercover officer was then punched and kicked and was even hit with the sticks.

    Cops of St. Louis Accused of Beating an Undercover Officer

    St. Louis cops alleged of assaulting undercover agent
    Source: Stlt Today

    In the document by the special agent, the undercover agent, Luther Hall had described the incident as “free for all.”

    Injuries to the undercover agent

    Because of the incident, Luther Hall had to suffer of multiple herniated disks. Undercover officer, Hall also got a hole in his lip. This hole required three layers of stitches to be mended.

    According to the document, Luther Hall was not willing to reveal his identity. However, Hall, the undercover officer was able to make eye contact with someone who recognized him and rescued Hall.

    Recordings by the undercover officer

    It is alleged that the undercover agent was holding a camera as well as a phone and both were recording the incident.

    The camera was taken away by the police however the phone has been recovered. Now, it remains to be seen that how much has the camera recorded.

    Source: Law and CrimeThe Washington Post


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