Over the years we have seen a number of tech firms no longer supporting jailbroken iPhones and iPads. The latest name to join this club has been that of Snapchat – as the company said that it will no longer support jailbroken devices and has started banning users on these phones.

Snapchat Bans Jailbroken iPhones
Image: Macworld

This comes in as bad news for the users of these devices who are active users of the app. Let us take a closer look at why the company has decided to do so.

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Why Has Snapchat Banned Jailbroken iPhones?

This is because of multiple reasons – Snap believes that users of jailbroken devices pose a threat to themselves as well as people that they are talking to. Since Jailbroken users can install third-party applications, users can take screenshots and record content that airs on Snapchat. Hence, that becomes dangerous for the safety of those on the other side.

Snapchat Bans Jailbroken devices
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Furthermore, the app had been sending a warning to users who were using third-party apps to access snapchat and had also been banning their accounts. Interestingly, this is a device-specific ban. If one of your accounts gets banned and you try to use another account on the same device, it will be banned as well.

How to Stay Safe From This Snapchat Ban?

Snapchat Bans Jailbroken iPhones iPads
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In order to stay safe from this ban on jailbroken iPhones you will need to install the Unsub Tweak from Nepta. This will basically disable the substitute tweak for Snapchat and the app won’t be able to determine if you are using a jailbroken device or a regular device.

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