In episode 4 of Sky High, titled “Trojan Horse,” Rogelio becomes increasingly paranoid about cops infiltrating his gang. The group is in Paris, and Mercedes’ prediction about the Colombians seeking revenge comes true when they abduct Poli and cut off his ear. The cops intervene before they can do more, and Sole takes the men to Chateau De Vaux Le-Vicomte. She shows them around the museum, and the group is informed that they must steal a vase that was pillaged by the French from the Summer Palace in Beijing in 1860.

The Failed Robbery Plan

However, the group deems the task too difficult as they start planning, and they decide not to go ahead with the robbery. Meanwhile, Rosa and Marta continue their romance, and Sole encourages the group to think positively. They are pursued by the police, but it is discovered that Compi stole a car alarm earlier. The group separates and decides to take a plane back to Madrid.

Rogelio and Mercedes

Rogelio meets with Mercedes to convince her to drop Sole as a client and instead offers her an Albanian friend for whom she can make illegal investments. Mercedes is unwilling to commit, and it is implied that the two had a physical relationship before.

The Mole and the Recordings

Rogelio doubts Fernan and thinks he might be the mole. Tono tells him about Fernan and Sole’s romance and tells him that Fernan was in jail with Motos. Meanwhile, Rosa discovers a safe that could possibly contain the recordings, and Mercedes gets suspicious of her.

The Plan for the Robbery

Sole tells Fernan that the recordings are at the house, and her plan is to create a robbery scene for the police to walk in and take the thumb drives as evidence in the investigation. Mercedes asks Marta to stop seeing Rosa, while Sole gathers the group once again to plan the robbery at Mercedes’ house.


Overall, the plot of this episode seems disconnected from reality, and the various deals happening behind people’s backs make it difficult for viewers to follow. However, the episode does manage to maintain tension as the group faces multiple obstacles and dangers, such as the police pursuit and the Colombian revenge.

“A lot of deals happening behind people’s backs is never a good look for the viewer, especially if it is this mismanaged. For most parts of episode 4, the plot seems disconnected from reality.”