“Shadow and Bone” is a fantasy series that became a streaming sensation in 2021. Based on Leigh Bardugo’s novels, the show follows Alina Starkov’s journey as she discovers her powers and becomes the Sun Summoner. The show’s first season was highly successful, with over 55 million households tuning in to watch in the first 28 days of its release. The second season premiered on March 16th, 2023.

The Obituary

Fans of “Shadow and Bone” were puzzled by a tribute that appeared at the end of Season 2, Episode 6, titled “Ni Weh Sesh (I Have No Heart).” The episode ended with a message that read, “Dedicated to the memory of Gary Fryklinds.”

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Who is Gary Fryklind?

Gary Fryklind was not a member of the show’s cast or crew, but he was the father of Daegan Fryklind, the show’s co-showrunner and executive producer. Gary had two other children, Garrick and Kerby, and his daughter Daegan. Gary was born in Wadena, Saskatchewan, in March 1941. He was passionate about sports, especially golf, and pursued a career in teaching art. He taught at Western Canada and John G. Diefenbaker high schools and passed on his skills to thousands of students during his career.

Daegan Fryklind is also known for her work on other shows like “The Listener,” “Bitten,” and “In the Dark.” In addition to being an executive producer, she also writes for “Shadow and Bone.”

The Obituary in “Shadow and Bone” Season 2, Episode 6

At the end of the episode, the title card stated, “Dedicated to the memory of Gary Fryklind.” Karen Gaviola directed attacks as the only one in the season that Daegan Fryklind wrote. Therefore, it was an appropriate place to pay tribute to her father.

How Did Gary Fryklind Die?

Gary Fryklind died “suddenly” at eighty on April 22nd, 2021. After his passing, Daegan posted a beautiful photo of her “Pop” on Instagram in June 2021. The image captures Gary’s essence, showing him with a broad smile. Daegan described her father as her “truest confidante” and “biggest champion.” Although he didn’t fully understand the intricacies of his daughter’s entertainment career, he was always enthusiastic about her work and would ask her compelling questions about her projects.