Sexual offenders of teenagers jailed for 221 years:


    A 20 member’s gang who were involved in the brutal treatment and sexual abuse of teenage girls in Huddersfield were arrested and sentenced to prison for lifetime.

    The leader of the gang, 35 year old Amere Singh Dhaliwal was given life imprisonment for his inhuman behavior with the girls. Dhaliwal was found guilty for a number of crimes for which the trials took place at Leeds Crown Court.

    Irfan Ahmed (Left) and Amere Singh Dhaliwal (Right)

    Around 15 women witnessed against these sick perverts and narrated to the juries about the incidents that happened to them in the years 2004 to 2011, when their ages were in-between 11 to 17.

    All these accused received prison terms for 221 years in total.

    Convicts Mohammed Kammer, Zahid Hassan, Mohammed Azeem and Mohammed Akram were found guilty too. Dhaliwal, who himself is a parent was found guilty 54 crimes in total which includes 22 rapes which involved 11 girls.

    Judge Geoffrey Marson QC accused them for treating the girls as commodities for sexual pleasure and rebuked them for spoiling the lives of these innocent young girls. He also stated that they have not only ruined the lives of these girls, but it has also affected the families of these young girls.

    In May, during the end of the second trial, Tommy Robinson, the founder of English Defense League was arrested for live streaming the case on Facebook for contempt of court. This case is yet to receive its verdict the next week.

    Mohammed Kammer (L) and Zahid Hassan (R)

    Judge Marson also added that they gained the trust of these girls and then gradually they were trafficked. One of their girl claimed that her parents’ house and cars were thrashed and then she was brutally raped by these monsters. The judge said that one of the girls attempted to take her life and the other was thrown out of a running car in front of her house. She however survived despite the bruises all over the body and the influence of drugs and alcohol in her system.

    Mohammed Azeem (L)  Mohammed Akram (R)

    In June, Dhaliwal was sent to prison along with other seven men with sentences between 8 to 18 years, followed by 8 other men with the same sentence after the end of second trial in June. Four other men with a series of similar crimes are yet to sentenced on the 3rd trial to be held on 1st November.

    Mohammed Rizwan Aslam (L) and Abdul Rehman (L)

    Wiqas Mahmud (L) and Raj Singh Barsran (R)

    These men called each others with nicknames like ‘Beastie’, ‘Nurse’ and ‘Dracula’. Similar pattern by Pakistani men exploiting white girls was found in Huddersfield by West Yorkshire Police is a reflection of incidents in towns like Rotherham, Telford and Rochdale.

    Sajid Hussain (L) and Nasarat Hussain (R)

    Niaz Ahmed (Left), Asif Bashir (Right)

    Mohammed Imran Ibrar (Left), Manzoor Hassan (Right)

    Mohammed Irfraz (L) and Faisal Nadeem (R)

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