The sixth episode of School Spirits, “Grave the Last Dance,” was an intense chapter in the supernatural drama series. The attack followed the characters as they navigated through the homecoming dance, all while trying to unravel the truth behind Maddie’s death. In this recap and review, we’ll take a closer look at the episode’s most significant moments and provide some insight into the story’s direction.


As the episode opens, we see Simon’s surprise when he learns that Maddie is attending the homecoming dance with a ghost footballer. However, Maddie is more interested in investigating her murder. On the other hand, Claire tells her friends that she will be attending the dance with Xavier and warns them against discrimination.

Meanwhile, Xavier approaches Simon and Nicole and asks for their help. Simon advises Xavier to record Claire’s confession while charming her, hoping to get some leads in Maddie’s case. Maddie and Rhonda are searching for the perfect dress when Maddie suddenly asks Rhonda if ghosts can have sex. She reveals she is considering a relationship with Wally, a spirit she met earlier.

Later, Charley shows Maddie his letter to Emilio, seeking her advice. She suggests making the letter shorter and appearing as written before Charley’s death.

After class, Maddie follows Xavier and sees a message he receives from Claire. Xavier tells Simon about the news, and Maddie, through Simon, urges Xavier not to back out of their plans. Simon decides to attend the dance with Nicole and leaves.

As the night progresses, Wally picks up Maddie, and Claire picks up Xavier. Wally tries to make the dance special for Maddie, but she is more focused on Xavier and Claire. Xavier tries his best to charm Claire, but his plans fail. He then shows her the video of threatening Mr. Anderson and asks if she swapped Maddie’s phone. Claire admits to changing Maddie’s phone, but she denies killing her. Xavier believes her, and they both agree to find the natural killer.


Overall, the sixth episode of School Spirits was an engaging watch that left viewers wanting more. The story arc has taken an exciting turn with Xavier’s discovery, and the character development was noteworthy. Maddie’s growing fascination with Wally and Charley’s letter to Emilio added depth to their characters. The revelation of Claire’s innocence is unexpected but adds another layer to the plot.


Q: What are School Spirits about?

School Spirits is a supernatural drama series that follows a group of teenagers who uncover the truth about their school’s history and solve the mystery behind a fellow student’s death. The show explores themes of friendship, love, betrayal, and the supernatural, all while keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Q: Where can I watch School Spirits?

If you’re looking to watch School Spirits, you’re in luck! The show is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, making it accessible to viewers worldwide. So, grab some popcorn and get ready for a thrilling ride!