Warning: This article contains spoilers for School Spirits Season 1 Episode 5.


In this episode, titled “The Twilight End Zone,” we see how Simon and Maddie react to the news that Mr. Anderson called Claire, and we find out what video was sent to them.

Claire’s Visit

The episode begins with Claire waiting outside Mr. Anderson’s house, hoping to speak with him. While she waits, a police car drives by, causing her to panic. Meanwhile, the afterlife crew prepares for the homecoming game.

Simon and Maddie’s Relationship

At lunch, Simon and Maddie watch over Claire and her friends as they prepare for the dance. Simon asks Maddie about their relationship, and we see a montage of their past, revealing why they stopped being friends. One night, when Claire needed a place to go, Maddie’s mom was having a rough day and acting strange. Claire knocked on the door, but Maddie closed it, causing a rift in their friendship.

Mr. Anderson’s Secret

Claire sees the principal in the schoolyard and runs over to find out what is happening with Mr. Anderson. Simon confronts Nicole about Xavier, and Xavier walks up, suggesting that he doesn’t think Claire is involved, leading to Simon snapping. Simon gets a key to Mr. Anderson’s classroom and finds some papers that reveal Mr. Anderson gave Claire repeated A’s on her classwork by repeatedly writing the same essay.

Claire confronts Mr. Anderson about what he said to the police, and he tells her that he stole the money to pay for his father’s funeral. When she asks if he said anything about her, he says, “I don’t remember.”

The Mysterious Video

While at the game, Simon, Xavier, and Nicole receive a video of Mr. Anderson and Claire arguing over the money. In the video, Claire tells Mr. Anderson to do what he said he would do, and his secret will be safe. Maddie and Simon plan to use Xavier to set up Claire by asking her to dance.


The episode ends with Maddie and Simon finding a hidden room where someone could have dragged her body out. What will happen next?

“I don’t care as long as I continue to get an A.” – Claire