Sandra Oh has won the award for Lead Actress in the Golden Globes this year.

Also the co-host for the night, Sandra Oh took the award for the Best Performance in a TV Series Drama. During her speech, Sandra Oh addressed her parents in Korean and said she was truly grateful for them being there with her. She thanked them with all her heart.

Sandra Oh got the award for the TV series “Killing Eve”, in which she played the title character. The show is about an MI6 agent who is obsessed with a notorious assassin. When Sandra Oh first got the news about her nomination, she took some time to reflect upon the potential of a win that will end up setting an example for other people.

Sandra Oh
Credits: Huffington Post

Oh has told The New York Times that she wanted to bring a change in the white men dominant industry. Oh believes that even if the change is slow, it’s important to focus on the change. Even though there is no huge change yet, but the people are open to it.

Sandra Oh further added,

And what I mean by people ― I think people who have been in power, who have mostly been white men, and people who are white, they listen now.

Sandra said that the white men are even making efforts to bring a change.

Oh is Korean-Canadian and even though she is successful, she has faced racism which plagues Hollywood. She first realised about the extent of such discrimination when she talked to Nancy, her agent about “Killing Eve”.

Sandra Oh at the Golden Globe
Credits: The Star

Oh was completely amazed when she got the lead role in a movie. She mentioned to her agent that she wasn’t expecting it. She added,

After being told to see things a certain way for decades, you realize, ‘Oh my God! They brainwashed me!’ I was brainwashed!

Source: Huffington Post, NY Daily News

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