Samsung Galaxy S10 Bigger Battery is a Farce?Samsung Galaxy S10 is not even out yet and we have already been hearing a lot about the phone. One of the main subjects that have been the center of the discussion is the battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S10 phones are tipped to have larger batteries from some leaks. However, the documentation from regulatory bodies has something else to disclose.

What does the regulatory documentation from China say?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Bigger Battery is a Farce?

In a recent leak, we were able to find out that the charger will support both the charging standards of Samsung which are 15W and 25W. However, the regulatory documentation from China has confirmed that all three of Galaxy S10 phones will be using a 15W charger. The charger will be the same as you had in Galaxy S9 and Note 9.

Are the Batteries As Big As The Leaks Suggest?

The Brazilian telecom regulatory body Anatel has leaked some information. This information shows three phones with 3000 mAh, 3,300 mAh, and 4,000 mAh batteries. These sizes match the upcoming Samsung phones, Galaxy S10 lite, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Bigger Battery is a Farce?

However, these battery sizes are a bit smaller than reported in other leaks which is underwhelming, to say the least. The previous leaks suggested that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 lite, Samsung Galaxy S10, and the Samsung Galaxy S10+ will have 3,100 mAh, 3,500 mAh, and 4000 mAh respectively.

Although the battery size of Samsung Galaxy S10+ was correctly predicted, the smaller versions look to have even smaller batteries. This should not be that big of a shock or even a disappointment as it is made out to be. After all, it was all rumors and not actual announcements from Samsung which had all the hopes so high.

We need to keep in mind that all Samsung Galaxy S10 lite, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+ are going to have faster-charging capabilities. This will more than makeup for a decent battery.

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