In episode 4 of Rain Dogs, “Didion Hell,” we see Gloria visit her friends who have just moved into their new home. Selby, Iris, and Costello are living in the countryside, and things seem to be going well for them. However, as time passes, tensions begin to rise, and Selby’s past catches up with him, putting a strain on his relationship with Costello.


Happy beginnings:

At the start of the episode, Gloria visits her friends and sees how happy they are in their new home. Selby has a new job at a bookshop, and they all seem to be settling in well. There is tension between Selby and Costello over the adoption process for Iris, but overall, things seem to be going smoothly.

Rejection and retaliation:

As the months pass, Selby’s past catches up with him, and he is rejected for adoption due to his prison record. He becomes increasingly erratic, and tensions between him and Costello reach new heights. They host a big Halloween party, but it turns into a nightmare, with Selby cutting Costello’s dress in half and urinating in her bathwater.

Brutal assault and bizarre reconciliation:

In a fit of rage, Costello brutally assaults Selby when she finds out that he has gambled away all the money she had saved. However, the two weirdly make up and act normal for their guests until they leave. Costello plans to run away with Selby’s car, but something stops her, and she embraces a passed-out Selby, going on with her normal routine.


Tonal inconsistency:

“Didion Hell” is a wildly dark and entertaining episode, but it feels like it takes the show in an entirely new direction. The big takeaway is that Selby and Costello are bonded by each other’s brokenness, but the episode does not take the plot anywhere. Iris is caught up in the middle of their chaotic acting out, but the creators chose to ignore that tangent in this episode.


Overall, episode 4 of Rain Dogs is a bold and creative deviation from the show’s usual tone. While it may not have progressed the plot much, it showcased the show’s potential for dark and surreal storytelling.


What is Rain Dogs about?

Rain Dogs is a television show that follows the lives of three individuals who are living in the countryside and trying to navigate their way through life.

What happens in episode 4 of Rain Dogs?

In episode 4 of Rain Dogs, titled “Didion Hell,” tensions rise between Selby and Costello as Selby’s past catches up with him. The two become increasingly erratic, and the episode takes a dark turn as Selby cuts Costello’s dress in half and urinates in her bathwater.

Is episode 4 of Rain Dogs worth watching?

Yes, episode 4 of Rain Dogs is worth watching, especially if you enjoy dark and surreal storytelling. While it may not progress the plot much, it showcases the show’s potential for bold and creative storytelling.