The possibility of a Rabbit Hole Season 2 has already started to intrigue fans after just a few weeks of the series getting premiered on Paramount+.

Kiefer Sutherland, the talented actor from the Euporhia trilogy, plays the role of John Weir, a  conman. He can deceive anyone easily through his manipulations. But he gets to know soon that he might be murdered and then tries to catch the one who is behind all this.

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Rabbit Hole is exclusively available on Paramount +.  If Season 2 is announced then it would also be airing on Paramount + only. You can buy the subscription at $4.99 or $9.99 (depending on the ads plan)

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Friend or foe? It's not so clear down the Rabbit Hole. Stream the series premiere Sunday, exclusively on #ParamountPlus. #RabbitHoleSeries
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Rabbit Hole Season 1 Episode Guide The series will comprise 8 episodes in total. Rabbit Hole Season 1 episode guide is listed below:

Is Paramount +  Planning Rabbit Hole Season 2?

Usually, Paramount + is known for airing multiple seasons of its popular series. Rabbit Hole has debuted its first season and receiving good feedback. It has a good rating on rotten tomatoes and Metacritic. So all this points out that Paramount might be interested in releasing Rabbit Hole Season 2.

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Rabbit Hole
Teamwork is hard. Trust is harder. #RabbitHoleSeries is now streaming exclusively on #ParamountPlus.

Will Rabbit Hole Season 2 be Release In 2024?

Currently, there’s no update about Rabbit Hole Season 2. We are waiting and tracking all the clues to provide the latest update about Rabit Hole Season 2.

Is Paramount +  Planning Rabbit Hole Season 2?
Streaming on Paramount +

Paramount is currently awaiting the response to the entire series. The finale of Rabbit Hole will be airing on May 7, 2023. If you are awaiting the release date for Season 2, then we can expect it to happen in 2024 only. And that, too, will be possible only if the filming for Season 2 begins soon, in 2023 itself.

Is Rabbit Hole Season 2 Trailer Available?

No, the trailer for Season 2 hasn’t been out yet. But you can check out Rabbit Hole Season 1 trailer.