Netflix’s K-Drama “Queenmaker” has been an engaging series, with some parts that lagged, but it still had viewers on the edge of their seats for the entire run of eleven episodes, each over an hour long. As the mayoral campaign in the show took many twists and turns, the body count mounted higher, and the finale left many questions unanswered. This recap summarizes the final episode and answers essential questions like who becomes mayor, who dies, and more.

Does Ji-yeon survive?

In Episode 10 of Queenmaker, viewers discovered that Jae-min planned to have Ji-yeon, his mistress and accomplice in covering up I-seul’s apparent suicide, killed. She was also pregnant with his child, which was a PR disaster. In the finale, Do-hee sees CCTV footage from a building near Eunsung and discovers that Jae-min was responsible for I-seul’s death. She sends Dong-joo to follow Ji-yeon’s car and rescues her from Jae-min’s goons. Dong-joo gets stabbed, but he survives.

Who wins the election?

The Seoul mayoral race comes down to Jae-min versus Kyung-sook, with all other candidates either ruined or convinced to step down and form a coalition with Jae-min. Throughout the campaign, Jae-min tried to damage Kyung-sook’s public image and continues to do so in the finale. But with Ji-yeon saved, she shows up on Kyung-sook’s live stream and confesses the truth about their affair and Jae-min’s attempt on her life. She also provides evidence of Jae-min’s role in I-seul’s death. With his public credibility ruined, Jae-min loses the election, and Kyung-sook is elected the new mayor of Seoul.

What happens to Jae-min?

Earlier in the season, viewers learned that Jae-min’s father, a successful politician, committed suicide after being exposed as corrupt. When Do-hee meets with Jae-min, she reveals that Carl Yoon, Jae-min’s campaign advisor, framed his father, leading to his suicide. This revelation destroys Jae-min, and Chairperson Son kills him and fakes suicide to protect the Eunsung Group.

Why does Do-hee go to prison?

Do-hee accepts illegal campaign funding from Seo-jin, the daughter of Chairperson Son, taken from a Eunsung Group slush fund. She does this to ensure that Kyung-sook wins the mayoral race and proves how many other people Son had bribed into creating her duty-free store, a lynchpin of Jae-min’s mayoral bid.

In doing so, Do-hee is sent to prison but helps Kyung-sook push Chairperson Son into giving up 90% of the shares in the development to a company established by the Seoul Metropolitan Government for the betterment of Seoul’s citizens.

Season Finale Recap

The Eunsung Group remains deeply dysfunctional, with Seo-jin stepping into the CEO position of the logistics company. At the same time, Chae-young struggles to deal with Jae-min’s death at her mother’s hands. The season ends with Do-hee receiving a visitor who would like her assistance.


Q: Is there going to be a Season 2 of Queenmaker?

A: At this point, there has been no official announcement of a Season 2 of Queenmaker. However, the show has been well-received by audiences and critics, so it is possible that Netflix could greenlight another season.

Q: Who are the main actors in Queenmaker?

A: The main cast of Queenmaker includes Lee Yeon-hee as Do-hee, Kim Hye-jun as Kyung-sook, Lee Cho-hee as Chae-young, Park Sang-min as Jae-min, Lee Jae-known as Dong-joo, and Cha Ji-yeon as Ji-Yeon.

Q: Where can I watch Queenmaker?

A: Queenmaker is a Netflix original series available to stream exclusively on Netflix.

Q: How many episodes are there in Season 1 of Queenmaker?

A: Season 1 of Queenmaker consists of 11 episodes, each with a runtime of over an hour.

Q: What genre is Queenmaker?

A: Queenmaker is a political thriller and drama with elements of romance and suspense.

Q: Is Queenmaker available with subtitles or dubbed in other languages?

A: Yes, Queenmaker is available with subtitles and dubbed in various languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and more.

Q: What is the age rating for Queenmaker?

A: Queenmaker is rated TV-MA, which may not be suitable for children under 17 without parental guidance. The show contains mature themes, violence, and sexual content.