The fate of Queen Cleopatra Season 2 depends on the critical and commercial reception of the first season. Netflix’s Queen Cleopatra has been embroiled in major controversies ever since the first posters were revealed. There was a huge roar over the casting of a black actress for the role of an Egyptian icon. The series premiered on Netflix on May 10, 2023. So does it really live up to all the hype and buzz?

The objections of the Egyptian government, protests against Netflix in Egypt, trends on Twitter to boycott Netflix, etc., all turned the attention of viewers toward Jada Pinkett Smith’s Queen Cleopatra. The series is finally out, and we’ll explore whether the reviews and reception will pave the way for Queen Cleopatra Season 2 or not.

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Adele James

I am so, so, so excited for you to take a deeper dive into this incredible woman’s life - all 4 eps are available to stream right away.

Feeling like the luckiest lady in the land today 👸🏽✨✨✨

#QueenCleopatra #Cleopatra #CominAtcha
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Queen Cleopatra Season 1 Summary

After their father, Ptolemy XII (Louis Emerick), died, Cleopatra (Adele James) and her younger brother, Ptolemy XIII (Calum Balmforth), took over as rulers of Egypt.

The provisions of their late father’s will, which specified that the two of them were to rule Egypt together, compelled Cleopatra and her brother to marry. While Cleopatra was touring Lower Egypt, Pothinus (Michael Greco), the eunuch in charge of Ptolemy XIII’s upbringing, was plotting to assassinate or exile her.

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Swathi Bellam
Dad was a huge fan of Roman periodic movies of hollywood
BenHur was his all time favourite movie
When I told my mom that #QueenCleopatra series has come on netflix she was very eager to watch it
And as soon as it started she said is it about egyptian queen Cleopatra or someone…
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Cleopatra’s younger sister, Arsinoe (Andira Crichlow), is equally dissatisfied with her lack of authority and is eventually given command of Cyprus. After Ptolemy XIII and his army kill Caesar’s son-in-law, Pompey, Cleopatra discreetly meets with Julius Caesar in an attempt to reclaim her country.

Is Queen Cleopatra Season 2 possible?
Some viewers have called it too haphazard and confusing.

She not only promises an alliance but also has an affair with Caesar, which leads to Cleopatra’s pregnancy shortly after gaining power. Her brother is killed, while Arsinoe is put behind bars.

Queen Cleopatra Season 1 Critical Reception

The critics have badly bashed the series. Top media houses have given a rating of less than 3 to Queen Cleopatra. The series has a rating of just 1.2 on Google. It is true to some extent that many critics are hating on the movie due to the alleged distortion of history. Well, we won’t get into the burning question about Cleopatra’s skin colour.

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Mike Gerald Gibbs🏳️‍🌈 (He/Him)
Queen Cleopatra was a Black woman.

You probably didn't know that thanks the dominating false narratives created by white Europeans.

The Netflix doc "Queen Cleopatra" is by far the best I've seen yet.

It is worth a watch. And a great binge you can't stop.
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The important thing to know here is that the series is also being called out for poor screenplay. Some viewers have called it too haphazard and confusing.

Is Queen Cleopatra Season 2 possible?

The possibility of Queen Cleopatra Season 2 looks dismal after reading all the reviews. The makers would be hoping that the series does well in numbers since Netflix doesn’t care much about reviews. If the series fetches numbers and ratings, then it will be renewed for a new season.

What is the plot for Queen Cleopatra Season 2?
The series has been directed by Jada Smith

What will be the plot for Queen Cleopatra Season 2?

At the end of the first season, Cleopatra dies by suicide. If the makers plan for a second season, then they might consider making a spin-off or a prequel. It is also possible that the makers pick up other amusing elements of Egyptian history and portray them in Queen Cleopatra Season 2.

Queen Cleopatra is streaming on Netflix.