mom giving birth

Ava – a golden chow mix has given birth to 7 puppies. To a surprise, the owner realized that the dog mother has delivered eight more adorable puppies. The owner – Ashlee Holland always felt passionate about the animal but this time she was baffled.

Ashlee Holland recently adopted Ava and soon build a special bond with the pregnant dog as she herself is a mother.

“It’s kind of always been a passion I’ve had. I’ve always wanted to rescue, I’ve always wanted to work in the veterinary field. It’s instinct,” she said.

Since Ava had been placed on the euthanasia list at a local shelter, Ashlee knew she was the poor dog’s last resort. She said in an interview with FOX4 –

“No dog deserves to be put to sleep for space.”

Ashlee knew Ava was pregnant from the start. But the X-rays of Ava never showed up that how many puppies she was actually carrying in her womb.

A litter of Puppies

In no less than two weeks when Ava was brought to her new home, she went into labor. It was Sunday. Ashlee was bewildered but was little tensed about the mother dog’s health. Ashlee says –

“First puppy came out at 10:02. She then popped up four more within 57 minutes.”

The baffled owner further explained calmy –

“She had two more in the next hour and a half or so.”

Ashlee waited and thought that the new mommy was done. So, she properly cleaned Ava off and wiped the baby dogs. She then kept them safe and went to bed.

litter pf puppies

When Ashlee woke up the next morning, she learned a jaw-dropping surprise –

“There were eight more puppies. Got my kids ready for school, there are now three more puppies”

Ava gave birth to 18 healthy puppies.

“It’s heaven. Puppy pile, you can’t get any better than that,” Holland said.

Ashlee said her nine-year-old son, a huge Kansas City Royals fan, named all of the pups after a few well-known faces. “We got Ned Yost, Dayton Moore, Buck O’Neil. We got Esky, Royal,” she said. she continues –

“It’s overwhelming. It’s incredible. I didn’t just save one life, I saved 19. It’s amazing.”

The puppies will be ready for adoption once the pending examination gets completed.