Post Malone has filed a lawsuit against the owner of his previous Brentwood rental property for wrongfully withholding $338k from his security deposit.

The musician’s company, Posty Touring, has launched a lawsuit against a company called DK Developments, according to court documents acquired by

Post Malone accused the defendants of breach of contract in the litigation. The musician’s complaint demands $338,419.28 in damages plus interest.

Post Malone’s company claimed in the suit that the corporation violated the rental agreement dated May 17, 2022, by “improperly withholding at least $338,419.28” of his $400k security deposit.

“Defendant grossly overstated amounts of claimed damages, deducted for items that are plainly not deductible under the Lease of California law, and failed to provide supporting documentation of claimed damages for multiple request,” the suit read.

Post Malone’s company “does not dispute that Defendant is permitted to withhold $50,469,66 for utility payments,” as well as $11k for two extra days under the lease.

According to the lawsuit, the defendant wrongfully withheld $338,000. The house in question is a $26 million, 8-bedroom, 14-bathroom, 12,800-square-foot mansion.

The listing reads, “An expansive compound of enormous style, sumptuous amenities, and exceptional privacy, this remarkable estate is designed for lavish entertaining both indoors and out.”

It added, “The prime Brentwood property comprises park-like grounds of nearly an acre complete with a pond, outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, sport court, guest house, movie theatre, gym, office, spacious decks, terraces, and lawns for entertaining, and a majestic seven-bedroom main residence.”

The lease was valid from March through September 2022. The plaintiff has yet to get a response from the defendant.

Aside from the landlord drama, as first reported, Post Malone has been fighting with lawyers who previously represented his ex-girlfriend Ashlen Diaz.

Martorell Law sued Post Malone and his ex-girlfriend last year, alleging the two conspired to defraud them of commissions owed.

According to the firm, Ashlen engaged them to go after Post Malone for assistance following their breakup in 2018. Post’s ex claimed she was owed palimony, which is support provided to a partner even if the parties were never married.

Post Malone

Post Malone

The firm accused Post of encouraging Ashlen to abandon her lawyers. He then allegedly paid her $350,000 to settle her charges. Martorell Law alleged in their lawsuit that they were never paid their part.

Post Malone had requested that the entire lawsuit be thrown out of court. The investigation is still ongoing.