Sometimes, life has better plans for you. So if you get rejected from one place, don’t worry. You will land up somewhere bigger just like this pizza party boy!

If you still can’t recall, let me tell you that this little boy whose pizza party was boycotted by his friends and everybody refused to show up at his special pizza party got hooked up at Phoenix Suns game this Wednesday.

Teddy Bollinger, a six year kid, was so excited for his birthday pizza party that he decided to invite thirty two close friends. However, everything changed when none of them turned up. His picture spread like wildfire through the internet.

As soon as Phoenix Suns saw the picture of this bummed kid, they wanted to turn the things around. So they invited Teddy to their game and gave him a VIP invite. The kid will now watch the big game of Phoenix Suns v. Lakers. After getting to know about the tragedy, Phoenix Suns tweeted,

How about we celebrate with thousands at our place! Tickets to Wednesday’s #SunsVSLakers game are all yours Teddy! Talk soon!

Teddy even got his own custom jersey and met stars Trevor Ariza and Josh Jackson and the court side seat from where he watched LeBron James’ game. What else could he have asked for? He got all of it at once.

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Everyone was so happy to welcome the kid at the games. Looks like he stole the limelight and in this case, no one would mind that, maybe except for the friends who ditched him on his birthday.

So when something goes wrong with you, instead of asking why it happened to you, focus on what’s coming next! Also, never ever bail on your friends, you don’t know whom they will replace you with. Keep sharing!

Source:, Celebrity premium