Ah, huskies! They look so adorable, they look so cute, and we can see them all day long. These cuties are always ready to steal our hearts with their good looks and innocence. (Oh, we are melting)

But do you know what’s more adorable than huskies? It’s baby huskies. OMG! These little furry angels would make your heart skip a beat with their cuteness and spontaneous reaction. Scroll down to see them. 

1. It’s so smol!

I don’t mind freezing to death as long as I can cuddle this adorable little baby like this.

2. Look at that cheeky smile!

This one knows he’s not allowed to get himself dirty. Oh well, its not like anybody could be mad at this face!

3. This giggle/smile is making me giggle and smile

Brb! Just going to set this picture as my phone’s background just so I can look at it all day!

4. Are you trying to take pictures of me, hooman?

No paparazzi, please.

5. *Swoons*

It looks like this one is waving for the camera and we love it!

6. The bluest shade of blue

I could stare at it all day!


OMG! Can’t contain the emotions.

8. Yes, little one! Play with your own little one

Could literally watch this one play with toys all-day

9. I am sorry, are you trying to be angry?

Because it’s not working. You’re too cute for that, pupper.


Out for some sightseeing? Nah, this husky is the only sight we need to see

11. Don’t worry, this baby is just giving kisses to the owl

At least that’s what we think…