“Parents, what spooky ‘past life’ memory did your kid utter?”

Sometimes kids say crazy and scary things.

Here parents have shared the spooky stories of the darndest things that their kids have said to them, which seems they remember their earlier lives.

1. ‘…But I Came Back’

My five-year-old daughter said to me: “I was in your belly twice, Mama. The first time I died before I came out…but I came back. “

I did lose my first pregnancy eight months before getting pregnant again. She was never told.

2. ‘I Can Grow Up This Time?’

My middle son used to talk about having a different mom before me. He would say she was blond and looked nice, but wasn’t nice. He would bring it up randomly and only ever got a bit emotional when he would tell me that when he was with her he never got to grow up.

He said he chose me to be his mom this time because I would let him grow up and get old. When he would say the last part it was as if he was looking for reassurance. He’d ask me like, “Right, mom? I can grow up this time?”

Really f***ed me up sometimes.

3. ‘My Fancy Hat’

My daughter asked me, “Remember my fancy hat,” and when I said no, she said:

“Yeah, before I was dead, I used to work in a bank. I saved my money and bought a hat in a round box. I was on the bus and a man almost sat on it. Then the bus crashed and I died.”

She was about three and totally casual about it.

4. ‘I Remember When You Were Little’

My middle son (five) is named after my wife’s grandfather.

He just looked at her a couple of weeks ago and said: “I remember when you were little and you sat on my lap.”

He also once gazed into my mother-in-law’s eyes (at 3 – 4 years old), stroked her cheek, and said, “My daughter.”

5. Remembering A Four-Legged Friend

I had a brother pass away from brain cancer. At the time we had a cat who was a calico and just sort of knew he was battling something. She was really mean to most people but with him she was gentle. He would grab her paws and she would just let it happen.

Well, about three years after he passed, my parents had another child. Another boy. He was about three when he told my parents about the white, brown, and black cat that used to let him grab her paws. She had died about a year before he was born.

6. ‘Who Are You Playing With?’

Didn’t believe in ghosts, but it’s fair to say that now I have a slightly more open mind.

Our three-year-old daughter was playing on her own but like she was playing hide-and-seek with an imaginary friend. Asked are you playing hide-and-seek? She said yes. Who are you playing with? “Uncle Andrew…”

My wife’s brother Andrew was seven when he drowned when my wife was five. Didn’t like to talk about it, so we never mentioned it.

7. A Memory Revisited

I’m the kid in this case.

I don’t believe in the paranormal. I’m a pretty reasonable guy. I have degrees in science and healthcare and I’m pretty grounded. But since I was a child, I had a memory of me stumbling out the backdoor of a club, I couldn’t hold myself up (either really drunk or on drugs) and I slipped down a staircase, hit my head in the alley and died. I was about 19, I was thin, had long blonde hair, I was wearing a brown-red leather jacket. I remember the neon signs, the staircase, the door I walked out of, even the interior. I can paint the picture perfectly if I had any talent in art.

ANYWAYS! So two years ago, I took a leisure trip to Budapest, and while exploring the ruin pubs with my wife.


It was funny because I remarked to my wife earlier when we arrived, that I felt something about Budapest that felt like ‘home’ and familiar and I felt oddly too comfortable there like I could have never left.

I think about this quite often.

8. Last Dance

My son said once: “Mommy, when I was big and you were little, I remember when we danced in the kitchen.”

The only person I ever danced in a kitchen with as a child was my grandfather.

9. ‘I Went To War’

My little brother said when he was 3 or 4:

“When I was a grown-up, I went to war, and I never came back.”

10. ‘He Does That Sometimes’

None of mine have, but back pre-pandemic I was watching my friends than three-year-old for her and he saw a big military ship and he got this kind of faraway look and said: “I remember when my boat sank. There were so many sharks.”

I said what? He blinked said what, and then started asking questions about the boat. I mentioned it to my friend and she said, “Yeah, he does that sometimes.”

11. ‘He Doesn’t Remember This…’

When my son was four we had driven past a cemetery. He asked me if I remembered when he died and was buried. I said no and asked him what he meant by saying that. He said he had died, was buried in a cemetery and that’s when he started growing in my belly. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up when he said this. He doesn’t remember say this.

12. ‘That’s How David Died’

Answer for my parents

When I was four, my parents and I went to my aunt’s farm. The wind started picking up and I looked back at my parents and said: “Gotta tie the hay bale down in the wind. That’s how David died.”

To this day no one knows who David is.

13. ‘I Was Never Found’

Apparently, when I was a kid, My dad and I were watching Survivorman. Apparently, it was an episode where he was in the woods, and I said something along the lines of, “I got lost in the woods once with friends, but I was never found.”

14. ‘When Do The Bombs Drop’

According to my Dad, when I was around five, I was staring out of the window during a heavy thunderstorm. When he asked me what I was doing I answered, “When do the bombs drop? Are they gone yet?”

I grew up in Germany, and my dad’s dad used to alert the city for incoming air raids. My grandpa died three days before I was born, and at five, I had no idea about the war, or my grandpa. Really freaked him out at the time. A couple of moments later I forgot what I said when he asked me more questions.

15. ‘I Used To Play Drums Like That…’

Was watching an old video of a jazz drummer playing a solo. No idea who it was but he was really good. My daughter, probably age three, was looking over my shoulder for a minute before she said:

“I used to play the drums like that when I was a man.”

16. Previous Training

When I was three, I used to tell my mom stories about my other family every night before bed. We had a dog, too.

One day she took me to Target and I told her I wanted big girl undies and she said she would buy them for me and I could wear them when I was potty trained. I told her that my other family already potty trained me, so I can start wearing them now. I put them on that day and never had an accident after that. She never potty trained me and was just shocked.

17. A Son Remembers

My coworker has a son who, when he was about 3, told her he used to grow rice and lived in a place where two rivers met. He was able to name the rivers, and she located it on a map of East Asia. Pretty wild.

18. ‘Other Mother’

My nephew, around 2 or 3, would talk about his “other mom” and then look confused when you asked him to elaborate.

“She’s not here now.”

19. A Memory Revisited

I don’t have kids but when my brother was a toddler he said something to my mom about throwing hay in the window for the horses. My grandfather died before his birth and was a farmer. The barn had windows and he would just throw the hay in the windows for the horses to eat. My mom was really freaked out but he never said anything else similar again.

20. ‘I Waited 100 Years’

When my nephew was about 3 or 4, my sister said he was throwing a tantrum in the car while he was in his car seat and he yelled at her randomly “I waited 100 years to be born!”.